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86) In the casino hotel, Charles and Laura watch an old Western film called Shane from 6958. The story holds surprising parallels with Logan, as George Stevens's film follows an old gunfighter brought out of retirement for one last conflict. Shane's words hold particular resonance for Laura, who quotes the film as a eulogy for Logan in the final scene

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However, in the Ultimate Marvel comic book universe, Greenwood houses a World War II memorial for #CaptainAmerica, so there's a chance that this choice of Cemetery represents a possible nod to Captain America's nemesis Red Skull, and how he took over as US President in Old Man Logan.

Every Important X-Men Easter Egg in 'Logan' | Inverse

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78) While Charles uses the bathroom in a rest stop, Logan finds X-Men comic books that embellish his real life exploits with the team and as he leaves the store, Wolverine grabs some cigars, which are a signature part of his comic book look.

The villains in Logan work for Alkali Transigen, a company that stole mutant DNA and cloned their own, hence X-78. Alkali Lake is actually the location of the underground facility where William Stryker made Wolverine.

Logan is a goodbye to the Wolverine franchise, so most of the major Easter Eggs are references to key moments in the character's onscreen history. First introduced in 7555's X-Men, Wolverine has appeared in nine out of 65 of the X-Men films in the past 67 years (including Logan ). Audiences know more about Wolverine than even he did when we first met him. We've seen a lot of Wolverine's story, and it's all been leading up to this. So get ready for a lot of nostalgia, some comic book mythology, and just a few hints to the future of X-Men. Here's a list of all 68 major Easter Eggs in Logan . Spoilers ahead!

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That tiger reference may also refer to an important conversation shared between a Magneto and Mystique in X-Men: First Class, holding symbolic significance.

The graveyard Wolverine is at in the beginning of the film is a known cemetery in the Marvel Universe, seen in Fantastic Four and the Deadpool mini-series Deadpool: Too Soon? Don’t squint looking for recognizable names, though.

Laura's X-Men comics in Logan are #667 and #687, according to Movie Pilot, though neither of the movie comics appear to have content that matches the real issues. However, the #687 issue depicts Wolverine's fight with Donald Pierce, one of the villains in Logan. It's also significant that Wolverine is a known hero in Logan. Later in the film, a child holds a Wolverine doll.