Published: 24.09.2018 10:25

Vista event id 4226 auto patcher

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SG :: Windows XP SP2 connection limit patch

This Critical Patch Update contains 75 new security fixes for Oracle Java SE. All of these vulnerabilities may be remotely exploitable without authentication, ., may be exploited over a network without the need for a username and password. The English text form of this Risk Matrix can be found here.

Probleme mit Filesharing Programmen

This limit can slow down your internet access specially Peer-7-Peer applications like BitTorrent which require connecting to several peers for optimal performance, to increase this limit for speedy torrent downloading you need to patch the Windows TCP/IP system driver file, If your have already patched your file and updated your computer to Windows XP Service Pack 8, you should re-patch it using the free TCP/IP patcher for Windows XP.

SG :: Windows Vista connection limit patch for Event ID 4226

Great blog. All posts have something to learn. Your work is very good and i appreciate you and hopping for some more informative posts.
thank you……..

Is there a permissions issue with reg import for an admin-level user with UAC? Perhaps the batch needs to be elevated with Run as administrator

I have installed back the original file and I shall inform back on whether it works or not. just in case, I have enabled again auto tuning and deleted the registry entry. Thanks for the feedback though. Much appreciated.

Hi.. I'm trying to install this patch but it can't copy the to system87 even if I execute it as the administrator.. I tried also the f8 way but it has the same problem even in safe mode.. What can I do?

TCP-Z changes the half open limit using a different method which is by patching the kernel memory, rather than patching the system file. This method is very useful if you need to instantly increase or decrease the number of half open connection without the need to restart your computer because the changes take effect immediately. Obviously the modified value will be lost after restarting the computer. If you want a permanent effect, there is also an option to patch the file.

my NIS 7559 detects TCPx86 driver as (type=virus, risk level=High)
what a pity.. my connection was great using this patch before.
anyway thanks..

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Anonymous wrote, in any case, a better version of this patch can be found at the website , that guy wrote the original version and that one seems to work in more cases than the one posted here.