Published: 16.08.2018 17:37

Scout patch design template

«Scout patch design template» in pictures.


The color swatches shown on our web site represent our best effort to show you what color your order is going to be when you receive it. We wish we could make every computer monitor display colors accurately, but the technology just isn’t quite there yet. Until then, we are thread color experts so you can always rely on us to help pick out the best matches for your artwork.

Badges - Girl Scouts

Whether you order six or 55,555 patches, you will receive unsurpassed customer service and the personalized attention you deserve. A long tradition of craftsmanship and award-winning designers make every embroidered patch look handcrafted, with an individual touch that speaks for you alone.

Council Shoulder Patch Design Competition – Mayflower Council

I’ve been very pleased with both the quality the patches and the level of service I’ve received from Artex. I’ve ordered several patches from them over the past three or four years. If you look around on the web you’ll find many custom patch suppliers with set prices based on the size, number of colors, percentage of embroidery, and quantity of the patches you order. Artex quotes each job individually and, in my experience, offers a significantly lower price than I’ve found elsewhere.

Although custom embroidered patches are our specialty, we provide you with everything you need to complete your image. Your custom products will become personal items of value that will help establish identity and reinforce pride.

My patch is upper left, my fathers lower right. Thats a homemade button loop. It is also in my office for when someone asks if its ok to knowingly ship a defective shirt or patch.

Our award winning artists can create a beautiful design for you. And don’t worry, you don’t need to provide award winning artwork, we can work from just the theme of your event or a simple line drawing. You’ll want to grab our free patch shape templates to make providing artwork even easier. How much more would you pay for good design? The good news is we don’t charge a single penny extra for revisions to your artwork.

When it comes to standing out in a crowd, sometimes less truly is more. Keep signage simple by using approved brand identity elements, fonts, and photography. The Prepared. For Life.® trademark and Boy Scouts of America signature should be used appropriately to strengthen the message and brand.

I just ordered patches from Artex. I have not received the final patches yet, but have been very pleased with the interactions so far

The Boy Scouts of America uniforms and insignia are considered proprietary by the organization and unauthorized use is prohibited.

I've worked with four different national patch/emblem suppliers and Stadri beats them hands down. Great art team, and very clear communication about their quick turn around time.