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Nez perce activities

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Lewis and Clark

Nez Percé women were given more respect within the tribe than women in other American Indian tribes. Nez Percé women were eligible to be shamans, who were believed to have miraculous powers, able to cure the sick by singing sacred songs and prescribing herbal remedies. During tribal council meetings, the women could speak up, although they could not lead the meetings. Women's roles in powwows have changed in the late twentieth century, with increased participation in drumming and war dancing, both prohibited to Nez Percé women several generations earlier.


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For more information regarding the overall foundation of recreation on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests, click here!

Native American 5 Activities: Inuit, Kwakiutl, Nez Perce, Hopi

“We have a very large watershed restoration program working throughout the tribe’s ceded lands, about 68 million acres in those three states, Johnson explained. “The tribe implements more watershed restoration activities than any single entity within this three state area. The tribe also has a significant hatchery program. We operate two hatcheries and co-manage the Dworshak Fish Hatchery with the Fish and Wildlife Service plus another 65 acclimation sites. We are also involved in implementing some stop gap measures to assure that lampreys don’t go extinct in the Snake River.”

Typical of many native groups in the West, the Nez Percé lacked an overall tribal organization, living instead in bands composed of families and extended kinship groups. Each autonomous village or band had a headman who could speak only for his own followers. When a major decision needed to be made, the headmen of the various bands, along with respected shamans, elders, and hunting and war leaders, would meet in a combined council and attempt to reach a consensus.

Bear Paw Battlefield

To get an orientation to the last battle of the Nez Perce War, your first stop should be the Blaine County Museum in Chinook. The museum offers a short audiovisual presentation 95 Miles to Freedom about the battle and siege at Bear Paw. The museum also offers exhibits on local history and paleontology. Check with the museum staff to see when the ranger will be at the battlefield.

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The Seven Drums Religion, considered a direct descendant of the Prophet Dance, has long been a focal point in the revitalization of Nez Percé traditional religious practices. The religion is a blend of vision quests seeking personal spirit powers and some Christian elements in a native communal worship framework. It is also known as the Long-house Religion, as it was performed in traditional longhouses throughout the Columbia Plateau region and led by highly charismatic individuals. The first roots feasts in spring, a first salmon feast slightly later, and a berry feast toward summer's end as well as funerals and memorials are commonly celebrated in the Washat format.

ICMN talked with Nez Perce Executive Committee Chairman Anthony Johnson who coordinated efforts to develop the following list of 65 items.

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