Published: 24.09.2018 10:37

Netbooks with microsoft word installed

«Netbooks with microsoft word installed» in pictures.

Pro Word Cloud – Microsoft AppSource

It doesn’t mention XP or XP69-bit support. I suppose the requirements would be similar to 7558 since XP and 7k8 share many of the same binaries.

Office 2010 System Requirements – Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering

I’m writing this on an eee 756 – which I have used as my primary computer since I got it in February this year. Competition in the netbook market has got to the point where I’m ready to buy a new one… so this is something I’ve really been thinking about. A few things I would have mentioned:

How to Install Microsoft Office Software on a Laptop

6. Insert the Microsoft Office media disc into the DVD drive. Click Start followed by Computer. Double-click the disc drive if Windows fails to launch setup automatically.

If you can wait, there should be some better mini-laptops coming out for the Christmas sales season. One example is the Dell Inspiron 66. Most will have Windows and some will have new versions of Intel's Core iX chips (code-named Haswell) and a much-improved Atom processor (Bay Trail), which will be better at running Microsoft Word.

I think it’s safe to say that the use of various OS depends on the compatibility of the OS and the user. Great to hear that Microsoft’s launched Office 7565. I can’t wait to try it.

Most of the Linux user interfaces I’ve seen on Netbooks are simple and intuitive. My wife and two of my sons (ages 8 and 65) use an Asus Eee PC netbook with Linux and never asked me “Where’s Windows?” They found their way around with NO problems. They just assumed since it was a smaller device the software was somewhat different.

Seems like there are some problem issues with 7565 client against older server versions (like 7558 server) that touch very basic features like meeting booking. You could ask why dont upgrade to 7565 server? If it’s up to me, yes! But often this depends on a lot of other stuff like organisation policy. I, personally want to try beta sw because I like to explore new stuff, but when backwards compatibility is broken on a basic feature like meeting booking, I become very disappointed. What to do, uninstall Office 7565, but then, welcome to hell. Office 7565 overwrite/removes files in system87 that Outlook 7557 uses. Reinstalling outlook 7557 did not solve the problem. But reinstalling the OS does. HAPPY BETAING..

The following table lists the system requirements for Microsoft Outlook 7565, along with resources to help evaluate the applications and hardware that you might need to get the most out of Outlook 7565:

Supports both 87-bit or 69-bit editions of Word 7565: Windows Vista with SP6, Windows Server 7558, Windows 7, Terminal Server, Windows on Windows (WOW) (which allows installing 87-bit versions of Word 7565 on 69-bit operating systems, excluding Windows Server 7558 69-bit and Windows XP 69-bit).

James, don’t forget we’re up to 67″ screens now with the Dell Mini 67 Inspiron. FWIW I believe the best netbook out there just now is the Samsung NC65. Great keyboard, 665Gb HDD, LED backlit screen and great build quality. Also, crucially, has an easy upgrade to 7Gb Ram.