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There are even some fun songs specifically for babies in Wonderful You . There are also songs for toddlers and preschoolers. “Stepping” is great for walking on the line, and “Wonderful You” is a sweet song promoting self-esteem.

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Glue a thick outer coating of strips of newspaper onto the light bulb. Make sure you completely cover the whole bulb and the insert portion. It’s a lot like papier-mâché. Place the bulb inside of a brown paper bag and give it one sharp bang with a hammer near the neck of the bulb. Of course this will break the glass. Shake all of the glass toward the bottom (neck of the bulb).

This post lists some of my favorite CDs that work especially well for both babies and toddlers: Favorite CDs for Babies and Toddlers.

I really like the apple version of the BINGO song. I sing it with a slap on the knees on the primary downbeat and a clap on the secondary downbeat, but I do all claps on the letters and all slaps on the “crunches”.

By – Debbie Haren OBJECTIVES: Students will learn use the song Hokey Pokey to learn and recognize various shapes. MATERIALS: cutout shapes with different colored felt pieces (triangle, circle, rectangle, square and oval) Activities and Procedure: Have the pre-cut …

{FREE} Egg Roll ‘N Stamp Game

Setting: Small Group, Math Centers
Objective: Number recognition, number sense, one-to-one
Materials: foam die, 6-5 game recording strips, spring holiday stamps OR pastel Do-A-Dot Shimmer Markers (see resources section below)
Directions: Students take turns rolling the die, identifying the corresponding number on their paper and stamping/marking that number. See the free printables section below to download this game.

Play movement games using a parachute. We love our parachute to practice different movement activities while also learning new songs.

I LOVE sharing musical activities with children. Music was my top extracurricular activity when I was in elementary- and high school, and I’ve never lost my love of music. Even when I was a Montessori school director and no longer teaching full-time in my Montessori school, I still taught music twice a week … simply because I had too much fun with it to stop. It was also one of my favorite subjects to teach as a homeschooler.

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