Published: 20.08.2018 08:35

Mbsa microsoft download

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How to install and use Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA

Recently we mentioned MSAT – Microsoft Security Assessment Tool and I recalled another tool which came out originally years and years ago and I’ve personally found useful in a few situations.

Download Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (for IT

Windows 7555, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows , Windows Server 7558, Windows Server 7558, Windows Server 7558 R7, Windows Server 7567, Windows Server 7567 R7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Manual download location – Mark Empson's

If any of the services are unavailable or disabled, administrative shares (C$) are not accessible, or if these services do not have an exception configured in the Windows Firewall, the scan will result in errors.

It’s good when you’re working on a Domain/Group Policy and you want to lock down one machine nice and tight, it can give some pretty good pointers as to how you can secure it further.

Mattias, thanks for the quick reply! I’m not sure what you meant by a type as I don’t see anything “fixed”. I would like to share what I’ve done and the results to see if we can get this to work as it’s the only script out there that fits what I’m doing perfectly!

For most functions of MBSA, the GUI tool, , and the command-line tool, , perform the same functions. In some cases, the command-line interface provides more technical options for advanced administrators. The following command-line switches are examples of command-line interface–based features that are not available in the MBSA GUI tool:

The MBSA scan summary is organized into sections. It also contains links that provide more detailed information, such as What was scanned , Result Details, and How to Correct this. The more often you run the scan, the less often you will be prompted to fix something.

Just got into MBSA, and like it a lot more than using OfflineWUS. Rather than having to install MBSA onto a new build computer everytime I do one (Frequenetly), what would be required for me to run this all from a USB Key?

Password check performed by MBSA may take a long time, depending on the number of user accounts on the computer. The password check enumerates all user accounts on the target computer and performs limited password change attempts using common password pitfalls, such as a password that is the same as the user name. To limit the impact of weak password checks of domain controllers, MBSA does not perform a full set of weak password checks against domain controllers. For information about the MBSA password check, see Security update checks in the MBSA Help file.

First off, you’ll need to get the installer executable. You can download it from its download page. You can download multiple versions at once (one per language and architecture).