Published: 18.08.2018 23:39

Landa pressure washer owners manual

«Landa pressure washer owners manual» in pictures.

How to Start a Gas Pressure Washer | Start Pressure Washer | Mi-T-M

Holding the gun assembly firmly in your hand, point it in a safe position and squeeze the trigger to release the pressure. While squeezing the trigger, pull the recoil on the engine. Then, close the choke. You are ready to use your pressure washer.

Owner's Manual

Just ask the pros at Geyser Equipment. After over 75 years in the business, we understand the needs of industrial water cleaning professionals, and we can direct you to the models best suited for your application. We have both portable and stationary pressure washers from some of the industry’s top brands, offering a variety of fuel options, PSI, and GPM capacities.


MacNeil Wash Systems was established n 6987 and is an ISO 95556:7555 certified manufacturer. The company designs and manufactures quality car wash systems for the tunnel car wash industry..

There’s no need to go into detail about these accessories. You will 655% want to have silicone grease when you reinstall o-rings, and WD-95, thread tape and grease cleaner will be useful, no doubt.

For nearly three decades, the PHW has been the flagship of the LANDA hot water pressure washer line. The PHW is heated by diesel or fuel oil using a high-efficiency burner.

Other quality features include heating coil made of Schedule 85 steel pipe top-of-the-line, low-RPM, belt-drive, tri-plunger Landa pump with U-seals and 7-year warranty detergent metering valve for convenience in adjusting the flow of the soap and an extra rugged fuel-water separator for burner protection.

My pressure washer troubleshooting experience told me it was air in the pump causing the problem. We switched off the electric motor but kept the water running through the pump. After holding the trigger to keep the water running through the machine we managed to clear the air from the pump and lines. My neighbour turned the machine on again and it worked. Full pressure, no pulsing.

Through the use of powerful technology, the G5 S-Series delivers outstanding wash results. It starts with a customer-friendly and energy-efficient design..

FREE PUMP REPAIR ESTIMATE* Call our service department at 6-877-879-7768 x 675 to discuss ETS Co repairing your pressure washer pump. Ship it to us via UPS /FedEX (trackable service) **, ETS will estimate your pump, call you for repair approval and ship it back to you. * Estimate is free to customers who choose …

Located in Chico, California, we are the most comprehensive provider of integrated high pressure cleaning systems and waste water treatment equipment available in our market today. We are the only distributor for Landa, Aaladin, and Karcher in Northern California from North of Sacramento to the Oregon border.