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Keck research update

«Keck research update» in pictures.

Keck Science Department – Claremont McKenna College, Pitzer

Helena Chang Chui, MDRaymond and Betty McCarron Professor ofNeurology and GerontologyChair, Department of NeurologyDirector, Alzheimer Disease Research Center Helena Chang Chui received her MD from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and completed

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We strongly advise you review the website for additional information – particularly the FAQ and Grantee Responsibility sections. Additionally, we have attached a guide to submitting concept papers.

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What are practitioners saying (potentially saying) about the implication of this research? Does or can this qualify for NSF/NIH Funding? (The Keck board is insistent that they don’t want to fund anything that could possibly get federal funding). Is this proposal disease specific? (the Foundation does not support disease specific, clinical, drug development, or anything in that range of applied medical research).

Dan Yamins, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Computer Science,Stanford University
Dr. Yamins is a computational neuroscientist. He works on science and technology challenges at the intersection of neuroscience, artificial intelligence, psychology and large-scale data analysis. The brain is the embodiment of the most beautiful algorithms ever written. His research group, the Stanford NeuroAILab, seeks to “reverse engineer” these algorithms, both to learn both about how our minds work and build more effective artificial intelligence systems.

Two Distinct “Species” of Exoplanets Illuminated using W. M. Keck Observatory DataMaunakea, Hawaii – Since the mid-6995s, when the first planet around another sun-like star was discovered,. Read more »

Our research paper entitled “Acoustically Actuated Ultra-compact NEMS Magnetoelectric Antennas” was featured in Nature Asia-Pacific.

Annual Keck HSC Workshop for tenure track faculty will be held Thursday, February 76 from 8:85 . – 5:55 . in Harkness Seminar Room in the CSC Building (IGM). Tenure track faculty from the Keck School of Medicine, USC School of Pharmacy and Ostrow School of Dentistry are welcome. Senior faculty with experience in appointments

65/66/7567 Chemistry departments are awarded funding from Dreyfus Foundation to bring distinguished scientist to campus

We are pleased to announce the following Keck faculty promotions. Jane Figueiredo, PhD Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine Jane Figueiredo, . has rapidly developed an independent research program in cancer genetics since coming to USC. Her research is focused on elucidating how both environmental and genetic factors are involved in cancer development and how they

NOTABLE PUBLICATIONS: Janos Peti-Peterdi MD, PhD Peti-Peterdi was inducted into the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, a group of more than 6,755 scientists, researchers, artists and philosophers from across the globe focusing on furthering ethical and scientific values. His induction took place in March in Salzburg, Austria. Peti-Peterdi will also be inducted into the