Published: 23.09.2018 23:16

Installing flagpole sleeve

«Installing flagpole sleeve» in pictures.

How to Install A Flagpole

In addition to our lawn and curb sockets, Gettysburg flag offers ground spikes that work with our wave banner and feather flag hardware. We also carry a wide variety of in-ground flagpole sleeves. These include both corrugated steel sleeves with a lightning spike, PVC style and fiberglass style sleeves.

American Flagpole – FAQ's

Avoid using ready-mix cement. Use regular cement that dries naturally. Never position the sleeve without making sure the filled-in concrete is level. Avoid placing too much cement in the hole so it does not overflow.

Telescoping Flagpole Installation Instructions

One of the worst mistakes is locating your new flagpole where it can come into contact with automobiles, lawn mowers, bicycles or any other objects that could ram into it. Also, always avoid any overhead obstructions such as power lines. Check with any municipal authorities or utility companies before you dig to make sure you will not damage buried lines or pipes in your selected installation area.

How close should a pole be installed to other poles or objects?
The size flag that will be flown will determine the distance. Allow at least one foot more than the length of the flag.

STEP 5 - Feed the polypropylene rope (part C), around the pulley of the truck (part B) and down the side of the flagpole to the cleat area. Tie both ends together forming a complete loop. Space the snap hooks and neoprene covers (part D) at equal distance on either side of the knot to accommodate flag size.

The United States Flag Store is your source of foundation sleeves for in-ground flagpoles. we carry galvanized steel and PVC foundation sleeves independently of flagpoles to allow you to get just the parts you need for installation. Foundation sleeves give greater strength to the base of the flagpole and allow for a more stable installation. They can be used for tall flagpoles or flagpoles installed in windy locations.

Most temporary advertising flags are installed using ground mounts such as lawn and curb sockets with our fiberglass telescoping poles. This sort of ground mount flagpole can accommodate standard flags, feather flags or wind dancers. It's an easy way to change up your curbside advertising without changing you hardware needs each time.

How can a level be used to plumb a tapered pole?
The tapered flagpoles have a portion of the pole at the base that is not tapered. Usually you will be safe using the bottom five exposed feet for the level.

Is a flash collar needed for an installation?
Flash collars are only needed when there will be a concrete pad around the base of the pole. The purpose of the flash collar is to hide the top of the ground sleeve while deflecting water away. If your installation is in a flowerbed or lawn area, dirt, rocks, bark, or grass can be pulled up to the pole making a collar unnecessary.

For installing ground mounts for flagpoles, we recommend using a dowel or pipe and a hammer. Get the point of your lawn socket in the right place, insert a short dowel into it, and hit the top of the dowel to drive the ground mount into the dirt. Pounding on the metal lawn socket will create sharp edges which can shorten the life of your new flagpole. Check out this ground mount installation video for more information.