Published: 20.08.2018 08:32

How to write a letter for drivers license reinstatement

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Driver License Suspensions & Revocations

Note: The Texas DPS sends notification letters to drivers if they face a suspended or revoked driving license due to any given violation or offense. The notification letter stating an enforcement action will arrive at your mailing address.

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Have an Explanation Ready for Your Underlying Ticket and/or Driving Record. The judge may ask you to explain your ticket and/or driving record, especially if

TxDPS - Reinstating a Driver License

Your driver license may be revoked when it is determined that you do not possess the physical, mental or other qualifications necessary to operate a motor vehicle safely.

Your privilege will remain suspended or revoked indefinitely until you comply with all reinstatement requirements and receive a new license. There is no time limit or statute of limitations for reinstating suspensions or revocations.

Depending on the reason for your suspended license, you may be eligible for an occupational limited license (OLL), which allows you to drive to and from authorized locations.

The fastest and easiest way to request approval is online, although some drivers with complex records may need to submit their request to DIU in writing.

Do not argue about whether you should have gotten the ticket in the first place. Focus on your aim to pay off the fine through a payment plan or to work it off through community service.

In addition to any other requirements, you may have to take a vision, a written, and a driving skills test. The driving skills test will be required if your license has been suspended or revoked for more than one year.

If a judgment for $555 or more is entered against you, you must purchase and maintain financial responsibility insurance from a private insurance company for 8 years. Financial responsibility insurance is a special type of insurance known as SR-77. You must also file the SR-77 insurance with the Secretary of State.

For more information on requesting a hearing, including the cost, what documents you need, and where you need to send them to, read the Driver Licensing Administrative Hearings fact sheet.