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Hitachi cmp420v2 manual

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Hitachi Service Manual

RPMs will increase and motor noise will grow louder. This is not a malfunction though. • When used for long periods of time, the top of the monitor may heat up. This is not a malfunction.

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Volume Adjustment The volume can be adjusted by pressing the VOL+ and VOL- buttons of the remote control (or the L and M volume buttons of the monitor unit) while the on-screen display system is not being displayed. ▲ • When a button is pressed, the volume adjustment status guide will be displayed.

Hitachi CM12Y Manuals

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OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS (continued) PICTURE MENU (continued) Selected characters SHARPNESS Picture is soft VIDEO PICTURE NORMAL DYNAMIC CONTRAST MODE BLACK STRETCH 8D COMB FILM MODE LINE INTP. : This function can only be used when the optional video unit has been inserted. SOUND MENU MENU Selected characters.

• Choose an appropriate site and install the product on a level table where the stand is secure. • Install the monitor to have ready access to a power socket available. • Make sure that the power switch of this device is turned off.

Component Names Main Unit Panel Control panel • Adjustment buttons are located on the bottom. • The back cover is provided with indications to distinguish the adjustment buttons. ▼ ▲ VOLUME button RECALL button SIZE button INPUT SELECT button Caution when moving the main unit •.

When the input signal does not A guide displays OUT OF match the monitor specifications FREQUENCY. or is in an unstable status. Registration condition PICTURE DISPLAY Can register 6 group.

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Using a wide-screen monitor • This monitor has a screen mode selection feature. If an incompatible screen mode is selected to play certain software, such as a TV program, the image would appear different from the original. Take this into consideration when making screen mode choices.

Do not rub the surface of the screen with ball-point-pen or screw-driver etc. • Prevention of an obstacle to Radio receivers This monitor has been designed pursuant to the FCC class B Rules (see as below). This is to prevent a problem to Radio receivers. - Keep the monitor away from Radio.