Published: 24.09.2018 10:43

Gotomypc windows 7 install

«Gotomypc windows 7 install» in pictures.

Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete on Windows 7 and Vista - GoToMyPC - LogMeIn

Windows 65 has been out for 68 months and many of you – some grudgingly, perhaps – have decided to upgrade. Often that goes smoothly. Sometimes, not so much, which is why we’re flagging the most common problems and how to deal with them.

GoToMyPC by Citrix Systems - Should I Remove It?

At TechSoup Canada, most of our work is in the cloud so I can access it easily from home – no need for GoToMyPC. However, I ran into a situation last month where we did need it: we got a phone server to manage our new phone system. We could only access it while at work (for techies: because we had to be on the same subnet and we haven’t yet set up VPN or port forwarding), and yet we wanted to have access to configure it while we were on holidays.

GoToMyPC cannot be installed remotely on Windows7 | GoToMyPC

If you still can’t get the upgrade installed or you hit that 5x85575555 error when upgrading Windows 65 versions, the general solution goes like this:

In most cases, the IT administrator configures the Group Policy for the domain or sub-domain. If the Group Policy for the domain is Not Configured or the computer is not on a domain, then the local Group Policy may need to be modified.

Part of the Google ecosystem, Chrome Remote Desktop is worth a look for its simplicity to setup and it is widely supported. Although not all Operating Systems and devices can host the CRD service, anything that runs Chrome should be able to connect to another computer hosting the CRD service.

Dear Lifehacker,
I'm about to head off to school for a few months, and I'm the tech-literate one in the family. My parents depend on me to fix their computer problems and set up new things they want to use. What application can I use to connect to their computer from school and work on it when they need me that requires little to no setup on their part?
The Prodigal Son

GoToMyPC periodically releases updates for both host and client software. You may need to update your security software to the appropriate version provided by your manufacturer in order for it to recognize newer versions of the GoToMyPC software.

You didn't specify whether they had a Mac or a PC, so we'll look at tools that support both. You also mentioned that you wanted a tool that required little to no setup on their part, so we'll exclude tools that require port forwarding or router setup on their end that they'll have to configure or troubleshoot before you can connect remotely. Let's take a look at a few of your options:

PS - We know that these aren't the only ways to connect remotely when family calls because of their computer issues. What's your favorite way to connect to a friend or family member's PC when they call you for help? Share your tips in the comments below.

7. Locate the Group Policy Object (GPO) in the domain or sub-domain that contains the policy preventing GoToMyPC from sending Ctrl-Alt-Del.