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Free software for cable tv operators

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SITI Networks Limited (Formerly know as SITI Cable Network Limited) is a segment of Essel Group, which is one of India's leading business houses with a diverse portfolio of assets in media, packaging, entertainment, technology-enabled services, infrastructure development and education. SITI Networks Limited boasts to be India’s largest Multi System Operator (MSO) with 75 analogue and 67 digital head ends and a network of over 85,555 Kms of optical fiber and coaxial cable. It provides its cable services in India's ~887 cities and the adjoining areas, reaching out to over million viewers.

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Once of them is Cable Operators Accounting Pro, a powerful program created to help cable TV operators organize their businesses. It offers a fair number of useful features, but it has a very outdated interface and lacks documentation.

Uniplay-CG has the Best Interface for Scheduling Operation and Media Files ever. Comparing the other available Playout Automation Software, Uniplay schedule your campaigns automatically. Just enter parameters like time slots, days of the week and periods, and Uniplay will create the schedule for you while choosing from the available Media Library. If you prefer to enter each spot manually, the advanced manual scheduler will save you time by giving you instant overviews of your schedule.

The non-technical side--diplomacy. There are occasional misunderstandings between the cable subscriber, the cable company services personnel and the transmitter operator who is involved in the problem. The subscriber often feels that the transmitter is to blame. After all, if the radio transmitter wasn't on the air, there wouldn't be a problem. The station operator often feels that the problem is always the responsibility of the cable company, and that it can always be fixed if the cable system shielding is improved. The cable company repair personnel are often stuck in the middle.

Uniplay provides unlimited days Movie or Media Files Scheduling and for fillers user can create Fillers Zone(Time Slots) for whole day and day of the week. So No Worries if user MISSED any Schedule !! Uniplay Manage The Complete Playout Automation Workflows.

All of the cures covered in last month's installment should result in an interference-free installation. However, if interference is still present, there may be a problem with direct pickup by the TV receiver, VCR or set-top converter. If any of these devices are tuned to the frequency of a local Amateur Radio signal (Ch. E, Ch. 68 in most cable systems, for amateur 699 to 698 MHz signals, for example), it should be the prime suspect. If ingress (and most likely leakage as well) is taking place inside the subscriber's TV set or VCR, there is almost nothing the cable company service personnel can do to cure the problem. The only source of help is the product manufacturer or electronic service personnel.

A cable system operator, broadcaster, franchising authority and, under certain circumstances, individuals, by filing a petition for special relief with a filing fee, may seek special relief or a waiver of any rule relating to cable television. Requests for declaratory orders seeking Commission interpretation of a disputed question about the rules may be treated as petitions for special relief or rulemaking. Neither complaints related to the mandatory carriage provisions, nor petitions for declaratory ruling are subject to a filing fee.

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The simple cable TV installation shown in Figure is virtually bulletproof. The placements of the cable and ac line common-mode filters have been chosen to minimize the amount of undesired common-mode energy reaching the set-top converter. Two different cable common-mode filters are shown in Figure . Do not substitute unsuitable ferrite materials for those specified in the description. As an example, it might be possible to scrounge some ferrite from an old TV set's deflection yoke, but the ferrite material used was designed to perform at kHz. It may, or may not, work well at the frequency of the radio station.