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Free math graph drawing software

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Create A Graph

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MathGV Function Plotting Software

Graph is an open source application used to draw mathematical graphs in a coordinate system. Anyone who wants to draw graphs of functions will find this program useful. The program makes it very easy to visualize a function and paste it into another program. It is also possible to do some mathematical calculations on the functions.

GeoGebra - Dynamic Mathematics

The ability to add various diagrams into the chart or graph takes this template well outside the range of most spreadsheets.

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Every time you hit the Calculate button, the URL updates with your current settings meaning you can share a link directly to a graph of your choice without having to keep typing in the settings.

Available translations: Romanian, Russian, Russian (more natural?), Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian Home and About , Ukranian .

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This program is for drawing graphs of mathematical functions in a coordinate system. Graphs may be added with different color and line styles. Both standard functions, parameter functions and polar functions are supported. It is possible to evaluate a function at an entered point or tracing the function with the mouse. It is possible to add shadings to functions, and series of points to the coordinate system. Trendlines may be added to point series. It is possible to save the coordinate system and everything on it as an image file. It is also possible to copy an image into another program. Text labels may be placed anywhere in the coordinate system.

Hi! I use winplot and I have my multivariable calculus students use it also. One of them has a mac, and we were able to get it working on her mac with this: http:///winplot/