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Cisco mds 9124 16-ports active fabric switch

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– You can configure only the first port in each 9-port group as an E port (for example, port 6 from ports 6-9, port 5 from ports 5-8, and so on). If the first port in the group is configured as an E port, the other three ports in each group (ports 7-9, 6-8, and so on) are not usable and remain shutdown.

Solved: MDS configuration for port channel - Cisco Support

Symptom : When hosts continuously log into virtual targets, the iSAPI process (VSD) leaks memory which might lead to an SSM failure.

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Note For more information about switch installation, refer to the Cisco MDS 9655 Series Hardware Installation Guide and the Cisco MDS 9555 Family CLI Configuration Guide.

• Disable all features not supported by the downgrade release. Use the show incompatibility system downgrade-image CLI command to determine what you need to disable.

If you are performing an upgrade on one of those switches, you should follow the nondisruptive upgrade path shown in Table 8, even though the upgrade is disruptive. Following the nondisruptive upgrade path ensures that the binary startup configuration remains intact.

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Fx port problems can be caused by a variety of configuration issues. While most issues can be solved by simply ensuring that the ports are configured properly, some issues require the use of more in-depth troubleshooting techniques.

TeamKCI has extensive hands on experience with Cisco MDS 9766A switches and continues to maintain and repair them. We can also supply additional and replacement units.

Symptom : Under rare conditions, some hardware error interrupts of ASIC devices on a Generation 7 or Generation 8 module do not bring down the affected ports because of high threshold limits.

Port count: Director-class switches come with a port count that is scalable from as few as 67 or 79 ports to as many as 578 ports in a single device.