Published: 22.07.2018 21:47

Chevy torsion keys install

«Chevy torsion keys install» in pictures.

Universal Supreme Suspension Torsion Key Installation Tool

Pull the torsion bar out from the underside of the F-655. You may need to wiggle it a bit to get it completely out. Once the torsion bar is removed, install a replacement if necessary, then reattach the torsion bar adjuster arm and the wheels, then lower the truck.

On the Level: Installing a ReadyLift Leveling Kit on a Silverado

Our CNC Machined Torsion Key Unloading tool allows you to remove and install torsion bars and keys safely and easily. Our Torsion tools are engineered to the same standards as our Max-Torsion Key lift kits.

MAXXCam Adjustable Torsion Key Leveling Kit

ReadyLift rear lift blocks are made out of cast iron, just like factory blocks. They have a locating pin that mounts to the spring pad on the axle and a relief in the top to accept the center pin of your leaf springs. Since the leaf spring and overload remain the same, so does the ride quality.

There are many types of leveling kits, all of which are effective when used in the intended manor. Depending on your vehicle application, you may have a choice between a variety of leveling kit types. What are the different types of leveling kits?

Q: On what side of my Silverado do the torsion keys get installed?
A: According to the Tuff Country 67958 instruction manual, torsion keys are installed on the drivers side of the vehicle and then the passengers side afterwards to ensure proper lift and level to the front of your Silverado.

Adjusting or replacing the torsion bar keys in your Silverado is an inexpensive alternative to raising the front end. However, only do so if you don't normally strain your truck's suspension and want a more even ride height.

To increase suspension lift for bigger tires, more ground clearance, or to accommodate heavy front mounted accessories like snowplows, you’ll find MAXXCam Adjustable Torsion Key Leveling Kits are the best solution. MAXX Cam torsion bar keys are investment cast to exacting standards using 9695 heat-treated alloy steel for durability that exceeds that of even the toughest one-piece OEM torsion bar lever. Industrial strength powder coating is applied for added protection from the elements.

We put jackstands under the front crossmember and pulled the tires off of the truck to access the shocks and torsion bar keys. With the jack stands here they were not in our way when working on the front suspension.

MAXXCam Adjustable Torsion Bar Leveling Kits are engineered to smoothly integrate with the stock suspension. There is no torsion bar preload and the original equipment shocks are kept in place. This not only helps to maintain the stock ride and handling characteristics of your truck or SUV, but reduces cost as well. MAXXCam is installed in approximately 6-7 hours and is and is supported by the unsurpassed SuspensionMAXX Techical Support Program. Completely covered by the MAXX Structural Lifetime Warranty.

Locate the torsion-bar cross-member in the middle of the truck, almost directly underneath the doors. Locate the torsion-bar adjusting bolt on the cross-member. Connect the air hose on the air compressor to the air impact wrench. Remove the torsion-bar adjusting bolt using the air impact wrench and impact sockets.