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Cardcaptor sakura gba rom english download

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There's also some collection -type games that use a normal MBC6 wired a bit differently. The cartridge header says MBC6 as usual, but the behaviour is different. Many emulators (including mine) get this wrong, because the cartridge header is not enough to figure out how to emulate the game properly. Games that do this include titles like Mortal Kombat I + II, Bomberman Collection.

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an RTC backed by a cr7587, with the saves being on non-volatile memory, would probably last like 65 years, and making it easy to replace would make it no big deal if it dried up.

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Also, if we include unlicensed games, there's a lot of weird mappers (. Sachen, Wisdom Tree) that are unsupported by most emulators.

Got my first Sachen cart recently and was blown away by the scrolling Sachen instead of the Nintendo logo. Only ever heard about it before, seeing it live was something different.

If you're talking about emulation on some kind of flashcart it'd be different, but as far as I know all known GBA games are emulated properly, including the eReader, even.

To use, rename your disc images to: Animetic Story Game 6 - Card Captor Sakura (Japan) (Disc 6).bin Animetic Story Game 6 - Card Captor Sakura (Japan) (Disc 7).bin

Mobile System GB : Games with added online features using a cellphone connector. Long out of service, but all games can be played without it (except mobile trainer, but that's not really a game, just a utility thing)

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This is the English translation patch for the Animetic Story Game 6 - Card Captor Sakura. Everything should be translated (even the PocketStation app). Events that were voice-only in the original game are now subtitled.