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Can you download music on a tablet

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Fire Tablets MicroSD Card How To Guide – Everything You Need to

Can it support apps downloaded from google playstore. Also when I move my apps to the SD card it doesn’t get moved completely. For example when I moved a 695 mb game it took only 59mb into the sdcard

3 Ways to Get Music on the Kindle - wikiHow

The method above is the quickest and easiest for most people, but you might want to make your tunes available to multiple devices without using up their internal storage.

Spotify Music - Android Apps on Google Play

You’d have to ask Amazon or the app developer they’re the ones that control what can and cannot be moved to the memory card. Aside from rooting or using custom ROMs there’s no secret weapon for these kind of things.

9. On the following dialog, you are able to select the download quality, output video format, video size, conversion quality and backup path. Besides, by ticking Automatically transfer to current device , the program would download YouTube video to Android phone, tablet directly.

Hello! I have the new basic Kindle Fire and have loaded in the external memory card. This is a gift for my mom and I have several thousand (yeah, crazy, I know – but, she reads a lot)mobi files I’d like to preload for her onto the external card. If I just drag and drop them onto the card, will they be accessible? Is there a reader that I could install for her that would allow her to access and sort through the books?
Thanks in advance!

I downloaded a epub app and transferred over 5555 books, file transfer apps (ES File, File Folder)all make an emulated folder and ebook folder on the internal hard drive. I just want the books to stay on the card where the app is located. I have deleted the ebooks folder from the internal storage and it removed all the books from the app. Is there a way to just keep the books on the memory card where the app is located? I am down to of internal storage left on it.

I tried like you suggested to use kindle send app sure it did send it and opened “showed up in home” when I click it does open BUT then it does not show in “Kindle Books”

Can you download streamed amazon videos to the SD card? I’m debating between the HD6 and the 7 because I want a smaller tablet to travel with and I am on planes for lengthy times so I like to be able to download shows from amazon prime to my device. If I can’t put on the SD card then I will get the 66gb fire HD6

With the Amazon Music app, you can play and download your music, export downloads to iTunes and Windows Media Player, shop the Amazon Digital Music Store, and (if eligible) access Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited.

When the AutoPlay dialog box doesn’t appear, you can view files manually: Open the Computer window, and then open the tablet’s icon, found at the bottom of that window. Open the Storage icon to view files.