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Can t connect to x11 window server using 1.0

«Can t connect to x11 window server using 1.0» in pictures.

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This helps in most cases (. starting application servers or other java based tools) and avoids to modify all that many command lines.

ORACLE-BASE - Comments for Oracle Database 10g Release 2

7 the value of the variable DISPLAY and program interface display terminal in which the relevant graphic machine, By executing the who command and the who am I command, We can know the current graphical terminal is the first n (below second), Then the value of the variable DISPLAY should be IP: (n-6) or (n-6) (as follows: ), Interface to the only way java graphics program normally displayed.

MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 KEY ERROR - Toolbox for IT Groups

Note: When you deploy SAS ® Data Integration Server or SAS ® IT Resource Management under UNIX or z/OS, you must have a virtual frame buffer such as Xvfb running on the target host if you are using console mode.

If you're triggering your code from Jenkins, enabling the option Start Xvfb before the build, and shut it down after might help. It helped me.

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The following message is being displayed in the Bamboo Server log file, making the application startup or the database configuration fail:

If you receive the error,

: Can't connect to X66 window server using ':' as the value of the DISPLAY variable

in the logs when attempting to serve a page with graphics content, following these steps to solve the problem:

If you start application on a remote server while logged in by ssh then another way would be to start ssh with -x parameter or add ForwardX66 no in your /etc/ssh/ssh_config. In this case ssh will not create environment variable DISPLAY.

I run into the same error with you when i run the jconsole command at remote. I want to modify a parameter at jconsole that run on a remote Linux host, i can login the host use the secureCRT, the terminal throw this error information. Fortunately, when use the Putty, it's ok. Weird..