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Browse entire network windows 7

«Browse entire network windows 7» in pictures.

How do I connect to a shared folder on the network? » Files

Yes, that's right folks, after 75 years of being able to browse our networks Microsoft have decided Workgroup users don't need this functionality any more. This article from Microsoft explains:

Domain Computers not showing up in Network

Does the IP address get resolved correctly when trying to ping your laptop from Windows 65? Can other things ping the laptop (thinking would it return pings?)

Disabling Network Discovery/Network Resources | Networking Blog

LLTD (Link Layer Topology Discovery) is generally associated with the Network Map but can also be used to gather information for Network Discovery and can be uninstalled from the properties of a given network connection.

Another way to connect to shared network resources is by using the My Network Places window. Using the My Network Places window will allow you to create a shortcut that will make it easier to access a shared resource. You can then access the shared resource by double-clicking on a shortcut, instead of having to reenter its address each time you want to make a connection.


When running multiple firewalls, whether multiple instances of the same firewall or a number of different firewalls working together, the key requirement is that the firewalls not interfere with one another and maintain state between themselves for failover and failback purposes. Nortel Networks provides a single image configuration for the Alteon Firewall Cluster that provides the security administrator with the ability to perform upgrades and other administrative tasks on a single firewall, while synchronization procedures populate the changes to the rest of the cluster.

This is something I've encountered before, XP not showing vista/7 machines. There's a kb article on Microsoft which gives you an installer so XP will see the new OS's. I think it's called LLC but i'm not 655%, if need be I can send you the file.

The following are some of the popular hardware firewall products available: Linksys Routers, NETGEAR Routers, and SMC Routers.

Intrusion detection is an advanced firewall feature, and many firewalls (such as ICF) lack this feature. Intrusion detection systems (IDSs) can identify attack signatures or patterns, generate alarms to alert the operations staff, and cause the routers to terminate the connection with the hostile sources. These systems can also prevent DoS attacks. A DoS attack occurs when a user sends fragments of TCP requests, masked as legitimate TCP requests, or sends requests from a bad IP source. The server can’t handle so many requests and displays a DoS message to legitimate site users. IDSs provide real-time monitoring of network traffic and implement the “prevent, detect, and react” approach to security.

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