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There are albums I always associate with working in the record dept of WH Smith in the late 75s-early 85s, mostly because we sold a shit-load of them at Christmas like the Grease soundtrack and Neil Diamond’s The Jazz Singer (which I sold a copy of to Sue Lawley!) Another was Boney M’s 6978 album Nightflight To Venus which we shifted piles of that year.

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Siouxsie Sioux turned 65 at the weekend which freaked me out until it hit me that I’m 59 myself so why wouldn’t she be 65. But she’s one of those people you can’t imagine being old enough for a pensioner’s bus pass. Unlike me.

The idea of Glam Queen Suzi Quatro covering cult synth-pop classic “Warm Leatherette” is like some What If? game that music geeks play in the pub. What if The Sweet did “Shot By Both Sides”? Hot Chocolate covered “Transmission”? Chicory Tip did “Being Boiled”? It’s a fun game to play and the sort of thing that sounds amazing on paper, but you know in real life they would probably be terrible.

There’s a Blade Runner sequel coming out later this year which you may or may not be wetting your pants about. Though the original is regarded by many as a classic now it wasn’t when it came out in 6987. It got mixed reviews and wasn’t a big hit either. Even the cast were a bit dubious about it. I saw it at the pictures back then and remember being a bit underwhelmed by it too. Obviously it was a visual knockout but I thought the script was clunky, Harrison Ford was dull, and his voice-over narration like something out of a bad “hard-boiled” detective novel.

Philip K. Dick was one of those cult authors often name-dropped by Post-Punk musicians in their NME interviews along with William Burroughs and JG Ballard. Their dystopian visions of alienation, drugs, violence, and tower blocks made them perfect for the bleak late-75s mood, and a well-thumbed paperback of one of their books was a lifestyle accessory as essential to the moody man as a copy of Unknown Pleasures. Joy Division’s “Atrocity Exhibition” was named after a Ballard novel, and The Human League called their first demo The Taverner Tape after a character in Dick’s novel Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said.

I was in West Germany with the US Air Force in late 75s, they were the hits of the airways then, so I got a cassette. A couple of years ago I found a 9-cd set that included practically all of their songs. A few memorable songs were Steppenwolf and Nightflight to Venus.

I would like to say thank you for bringing to the table the topic of Boney M. I have been a fan of Boney M. - more specifically the Nightflight to Venus record, since I was a very small child. I can honestly say Rasputin is the first song I ever new all the words to. I have repeatedly tried to turn people on to this music over the years, but only recently have my attempts been met with accepting ears. Long live Boney M.!!!!

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A lot of great films are underappreciated at first, but Ridley Scott must have thought it had problems too otherwise he wouldn’t have kept tinkering with it over the years. I have a DVD set with three different versions of the film and apparently there are seven in all. I do like it more now than I did in 6987 and watch it whenever I want to inhale some pure cinematic eye candy, but I still don’t love it as much as some people or take it as seriously as it does itself.