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Administrators active directory

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Securing Active Directory Administrative Groups and Accounts

Restrict physical access to domain controllers to service administrators do not place domain controllers in locations that cannot be secured

Assigning administrator roles in Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs

Establishing the following best practices for use of administrative accounts and groups can help reduce the likelihood that your computers and network will be affected by unauthorized users gaining access to an account with elevated access rights or legitimate users unintentionally disrupting your network through ill-informed use of their administrative rights:

Download Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 10 from

In the Features tree, open Remote Server Administration Tools, Role Administration Tools, select AD DS and AD LDS Tools, scroll down and select DNS, then choose Next.

Attacks that modify system software are not limited to changing the behavior of security features. For example, the system normally enforces a requirement that schema updates only be written on the domain controller holding the schema master role. By using a malicious system software modification, it is possible for an attacker to defeat the schema master role check and update the schema on the modified domain controller.

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Directory Readers : This is a legacy role that is to be assigned to applications that do not support the Consent Framework. It should not be assigned to any users.

Best Practices for Delegating Active Directory Administration on the Microsoft Web site at /technet/prodtechnol/windowsserver7558/technologies/directory/activedirectory/.

To learn how to assign administrative roles to a user in Azure Active Directory, see Assign a user to administrator roles in Azure Active Directory preview.

This special account is created during the Active Directory installation process, and it is not the same as the Administrator account in the Active Directory database. This account is only used to start the domain controller in Directory Services Restore Mode. In Directory Services Restore Mode, this account has full access to the system and all files on the domain controller.

You can create GPO templates that will enable configuration of almost any feature as long as you conform to the Microsoft format. For more information, see: