Published: 16.08.2018 17:37

7b stop error xp install

«7b stop error xp install» in pictures.

Advanced troubleshooting for Stop error code 0x0000007B are saviour..this ahci to compatibility mode change in Lenovo ThinkPad edge worked for me.
I was wiping down old windows to new win xp sp8.
Thanks a tonne again

0x0000007B blue screen error installing Win XP on my Dell XPS 600

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How to Fix STOP 0x0000007B BSOD Errors

Yes, you should be OK although it wouldn’t hurt to do it manually yourself just to make sure everything is set to defaults.

Works flawlessly, just make sure you use plain Hiren not ‘rebuild’ version which has other registry edit tools (which are less straightforward to use)

I did little bit of Googling and found that I need to change the drive configuration from AHCP to IDE (or something like that).

Works good, only thing is i cant get windows xp to activate on the new machine it shows the box in the corner saying windows is not activated and when i click activate windows it says this page cannot be displayed, its like the activation web page inst around anymore.

The problem with trying to install drivers AFTER having XP in IDE mode is when you install the motherboard/chipset drivers while in IDE mode, the setup doesn’t see the SATA/RAID controller and so doesn’t install drivers for SATA. In other words, you’re still getting a BSOD because XP still doesn’t have any SATA drivers on there!

Up until now, any method I knew of involved a Windows XP CD and was also quite time consuming. I imaged my hard drive with Macrium Reflect before moving it from an HP Pavillion to a Compaq Presario. I tried Solution a): OMG – Pure Genius!!! You are a true scholar in your profession. Thank you so much!

UBCD9Win (while not as simple as downloading an ISO and burning it) took about an hour to build & burn (by default it builds a 755MB ISO that won’t fit on a standard 655MB CD-R???).

In order to effectively troubleshoot this Bug Check (or for that matter any Bug Check, or blue screen error) the parameters passed to the Bug Check are very important. Always make sure you have all the details of the stop code. When noting down this information, make doubly sure that you are noting down the parameters without any errors.