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Update dm docbase config

«Update dm docbase config» in pictures.

Documentum in a (nuts)HELL | when common sense does not make

DESCRIPTION: S The value %s is not valid. The boolean flag is either T or F.
CAUSE: The value of the boolean flag in the command needs to be either T or F.
ACTION: Change the value of the boolean flag and try again.

Déclaration annuaire LDAP Documentum — EjnTricks

DESCRIPTION: There are no more available sessions.
CAUSE: User has used all available sessions. Current limit is 65 per application.
ACTION: Close some unused sessions in your application.

EMC Community Network - DECN: How do I resolve this issue with

DESCRIPTION: S The uid (%s) in the Directory Server is not unique.
CAUSE: The setup for the Directory Server does not work for Documentum.
ACTION: Inform your Directory Server Administrator.

c) Foreign key
Foreign key constraint identifies relationship between one or more properties for one object type and one or more properties in another. The number and data types of the properties in each set of properties must match. Foreign key constraints can be at object type level or at the property level. It should be defined at type level If the key has two or more participating properties. Also both object types must be set in the same repository, and corresponding parent and child Properties should be of same data type.

Then, there is information about the Tomcat AJP and HTTP connectors. The same information is available for both of them :

DESCRIPTION: SS Unable to authenticate user (%s) for docbase (%s) using inline password.
CAUSE: User can not be authenticated. The specified password does not match with the password stored in the user object.
ACTION: Retry with the correct password or inform your System Administrator.

DESCRIPTION: No session is currently active.
CAUSE: You are not connected with a session.
ACTION: Your session may have been dropped due to inactivity. You must start up another session.

DESCRIPTION: No operating system password has been provided for a connection.
CAUSE: The third argument has not been provided for a connect statement.
ACTION: Provide a complete connect statement.

Le répertoire est ensuite créer sous /System avec le nom LDAPConfig. Encore une fois, l'utilisation d'un script API est ce qu'il y a de plus simple.

I had mentioned three object types that are getting created when the Data Dictionary publishing job publishes the Data Dictionary information. Lets see those objects briefly here