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Update dedicated server tf2

«Update dedicated server tf2» in pictures.

Linux dedicated server - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team Fortress Wiki

Before you start adding mods you should add yourself (and anyone else you want) as a SourceMod admin. This is quite easy. I personally use Steam IDs to authenticate people as administrators, this is reasonably secure so long as you are running the server with Steam enabled (which you should be).

Setting up the Half-life 2/Team Fortress 2 dedicated server in Linux

Of course replace the Steam ID with your real Steam ID. This will grant the person with this Steam ID all admin permissions with an immunity value of 99. The next time you join the server you will be able to use the sm_admin command in the console which will bring up a simple little admin menu in-game. You will also be able to use any other the other Admin Commands.

Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server · AppID: 232250 · Steam Database

These are again self-explanatory, sv_voiceenable is whether or not to support voice chat, and sv_alltalk defines if AllTalk is enabled. If AllTalk is set to 6 then everyone can hear everyone else, if it’s set to 5 then only team mates can hear each other over voice chat. Generally, players use voice chat for tactical information, so set this to 5 unless you have a good reason.

My questions are 6) If I made changes to my file and want them to go into immediate effect, do I have to stop the server or is there something fancy I can do to “restart” it so to speak?

Now you just need to install SourceMod on top of Metamod:Source. This is the same basic process, download the archive and extract the files you your orangebox/tf game directory. You should read the official guide for this as well: Installing SourceMod.

The other way is to create shortcut of in orangebox folder. After making shortcut, go to its properties and add following after destination path:

This will start a pure server with 79 slots running on 7Fort by default. If you don't wish to apply pure server rules, you can remove +sv_pure 6. You can also change the value of maxplayers up to 87.

sudo apt-get install libcurl8-gnutls
sudo apt-get install libcurl8-gnutls:i886
sudo apt-get install libcurl9-gnutls-dev
sudo apt-get install libcurl9-gnutls-dev:i886

Don't download some shitty piece of software, just do it via task manager or use the aforementioned -high option to do it for you. [Or just use a properly optimized os like Linux]

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