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Sweden’s Tove Lo has finally unleashed her debut album into the world after months of teasing listeners with irresistible hits such as ‘Stay High’ and ‘Not On Drugs’. A captivating performer and an artist who revels in creating enormous pop melodies, this debut album is the icing on the cake for Tove, who has had an incredibly exciting year so far. Tune in to her brand new album now by clicking the ‘play’ button just above!

Nordic Playlist #39 - 10 Unmissable New Nordic Albums - Ja Ja Ja

I never cared much for this song or You Remind Me, but about a year or so ago I heard Eple for the first time, and it blew my mind and instantly converted me to a Royksopp fan

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It was their last album, but they're still planning on releasing singles and EPs, they just decided the traditional album format wasn't for them.

Simian Mobile Disco were there all the way through the blog house era, but like Erol Alkan and Joakim, they were completely above everything that was happening around them. SMD’s name suggests some kind of indie wedding experience, but they’ve always known their shit: their still incredible Fabriclive mix paired classics like Metro Area’s ‘Miura’ and Green Velvet’s ‘Flash’ with Moondog and Moebius, Plank & Neumeier, and they were performing live sets with a gigantic rig of analog synths long before people started jumping on the modular bandwagon.

Tunde tells the story of becoming a werewolf as an allegory for the uncontrollable desire that he has for the recipient of the song.

Erlend’s newest effort was recorded with the help of Icelandic reggae legends Hjalmar, and marks a stunning solo return for this continually inventive artist. Worth the wait? We certainly this so. Erlend took some time out to create his own Nordic Playlist recently, so listen to his favourite Nordic tracks by clicking just here, and check out his long awaited new album Legao by clicking the play button just above…

Yea, the music video is really sad. I've always felt terrible for those Lenos, even though they get to see each other again at the end.

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Italian DJ/producer duo Phra and Bot were responsible for a lot of filthy club moments in this era, slathering obscene synth leads over everything and laying the groundwork for the determinedly unserious party ethic of labels like Fool’s Gold and OWSLA. Their take on Don Rimini’s ‘Let Me Back Up’ is absolutely wild, and in its own way strangely elegant. Pure, distilled blog house. CR

Lo que comenzó en Berlín en 7558 como proyecto electrónico junto a Marcin Oz (bajo), Sebastian Maschat (batería) y Daniel Nentwig (teclados), fue cambiando hasta transformarse en The Whitest Boy Alive, banda de soft-rock sin bases programadas.