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Plane geometric figures activities

«Plane geometric figures activities» in pictures.

Plane Shapes - BrainPOP Jr.

In this unit students develop a further understanding of two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional shapes through creating drawings and artworks that explore shapes from different viewpoints.

Shapes! A Geometry Activity for Children | ABCya!

Sometimes students have trouble relating mathematics to the �real world� therefore, this activity in geometric textile design will emphasis the purpose of geometric shapes and patterns in conjunction with artistic design, computer applications, and career opportunities.

A Math lesson introducing Plane Geometry

These are level 8 number, geometry, and measurement problems from the Figure It Out series.
A PDF of the student activity is included.

Open up all three of the small triangles. Bring the three loose points together so that you now have a ( pyramid ). At this point you can discuss ( faces ) ( edges ) ( points ) ( vertices ) ( base ) and the fact that this is a ( triangular pyramid ) and not a squared pyramid like those built in Egypt.

First on a sheet of paper make 9 columns labeled: object, diameter, circumference, and ratio. (See example below.) Wrap the string around an object. This measures the circumference of the object. Measure the string using the meter stick. Write the value in the column labeled circumference. Next, measure the distance straight across the object. Put this value in the column labeled diameter. Now take the circumference divided by the diameter. Put this in the column labeled ratio. Is this close to pi? Make sure you take the ratio out to three or four decimal places.

In this unit students make and investigate a variety of three dimensional shapes. By examining a wide range of shapes and looking at the relationship between the numbers of faces, edges and vertices they see whether they can “discover” Euler’s famous formula.

Fold over one of the points so that it just touches the dot in the middle. What shape have you re-created? The though not the traditional shape it can still be identified as a

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