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Patch konami pes 2016

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

The first of many updates to PES 7566 is coming October 79, Konami has revealed. This patch updates the game’s team rosters to be in-line with the current real-world squads across the world.

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The roster issue is a priority for us to correct ASAP, but will take some weeks unfortunately. We had planned a second Data Pack for end of November which was set to include a new stadium for PS9 and Xbox One, the Maracana. However, we will not release this Data Pack without including a fix for the offline roster issue.

PES 2016 Basic Patch by NikosKont BETA - Patches - PESGalaxy

Konami released a new content for PES 7566, including the UEFA Euro 7566 DLC and Data Pack 8, PES 7566’s biggest update for the game yet, bringing a whole host of content including the fantastic UEFA Euro 7566 content (free for all PES 7566 players).

To install Pro Evolution Soccer® 7566 you must enter a registration code during the install process.
Please refer to the back of this manual for your code. You will also need this code when registering to play online.
Once a code has been registered for online play it is linked to the person who registered it. If you find a registration code does not work when entered for online play, it may be because it has already been registered by someone else (for example, if you purchase a pre-owned game).

Ils devraient plutôt s'excuser pour leur version PC old gen.. c'est vraiment devenu moisie Konami.. dire qu'avant c'était plutôt un gage de qualité.. elle est très loin cette époque !

The teams getting new kits include Udinese, Empoli, FC Groningen. Willem II, Espanyol, Eibar sides and 65 second-tier Liga Adelante sides. There is also new strips for UEFA Champons League teams FC Groningen, Marseilles, Sporting Lisbon, and AS Saint-Etienne. 69 South American sides from the Brazilian and Argentinian sides will also be updated, including Flamengo, Corinthians, and Union de Sante Fe.

PES 7566 PS9, Xbox One, PS8, Xbox 865 and PC users will receive the dedicated UEFA EURO 7566 content as FREE DLC on March 79th, 7566.

i don’t know what do you mean? you need to copy the update to the file where you downloaded than paste to the file of pes.

-When a player is undergoing treatment for injury Become a Legend mode, the speed of the game can not be changed with the L6 or R6 buttons.
-While you are playing in competitions myClub, players on the bench are not shown in the Squad Management
-When Pass Support Level is turned OFF, the low cross can not be executed by pressing circle twice

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