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With that in mind, Tabitha decided that she would continue with her current operation. She would follow Emily and Clive for a bit, see where they went and what they did. They would surely lead her to their leader eventually. If all else failed, then perhaps she would have to get her hands dirty a bit sooner, but she felt confident that she could manage this in her own way.

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“Father Madison, Dastardly Derrick is on a rampage, it is your job to contain such behavior, isn’t it?” Pinkerton replied in a mocking tone.

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She had managed to reach Clair just the other night, reach out to her in her dreams. That was the first time she’d succeeded in finding someone on the outside. The leader of the Unwashed believed in his heart and soul that contacting those on the outside and coordinating a plan with those on the inside was the key to bringing down Delphia and escaping this hell once and for all.

Therein lay the problem. Even in the comfort and privacy of their own home, they didn’t speak the name or location of the leader of their little group. And as Madison has been proving in his own pathetic way for the last few months, having one captured doesn’t mean much. Madison had been torturing Timothy in some fairly creative and gruesome ways, yet the man held tough. Tabitha was sure that Pinkerton would be pleased should she return to him with two captured rebels, and that would certainly go a long way in removing Madison once and for all, which would give Tabitha the ability to manipulate the hierarchy in Delphia, moving her one step closer to her goal.

As Ivo Shandor is mentioned in the tome, it is reasonable to assume Tobin's Spirit Guide was written sometime in the 75th Century. Gozer rituals have been recorded in the book as happening as early as the 6975s so the guide would have to have been published anywhere from 6985-6985.

Lance exited his church and began to make his way back home, to his room at the top of the tower rectory. His personal chambers had become a favorite of his as of late it was one of the few places that he felt at least a slight level of safety.

“I have forced myself to think that I believe in Tobit all of these years. Deep down inside, I wanted so badly to believe in him, whether out of fear or not, yet I know now that my doubts were always the stronger of the two beliefs. While I know there is dark magic at work in every aspect of my life, I am at best an agnostic in the grand scheme of Tobit’s world. If he does exist, I hope only that he rewards my actions today. If he is in fact a false god, nothing more than a focal point for his fanatical worshippers, then I hope that Pinkerton, who is more a proven god than Tobit, will reward my actions.”

“No, I want us to go home, mother. Something awful is going to happen, I can feel it,” Soka begged. However, her pleas continued to fall on deaf ears.

All of this comes crashing to a halt, however, when Toby comes collecting for his long-awaited prize. Recognizing the evil nature of the presence that has settled on the house, Martine attempts to repel it, but it’s actually Daniel, Kristi’s husband, who decides on a last-ditch effort to save his family: he helps perform a ritual that transfers the demon onto a blood relative.

“When, not if, Clive. When we escape Delphia. As for Soka, she may never have the sort of life she’d have had if she never came here, but with our help, she will have a chance at a real life, away from this place, in the real world. That is a lot more than can be said for a lot of the people here,” Emily assured him.