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Military ir id patches

«Military ir id patches» in pictures.

US Reverse Flag Patch - Infrared (IR) - Full Color and Subdued.

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Luminous MED ID Patch (2 per pack)

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Glo-Tape, IR Flags, SCHIMS, Markers, Combat ID

The Army combat patch, officially known as the shoulder sleeve insignia-former wartime service, (SSI - FWTS) recognizes soldiers' participation in combat operations.

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Once soldiers report to their first units, they should wear their command's combat patch on their left sleeves. When deployed to a designated combat zone, soldiers also may wear the company-level or higher patch on their right sleeves to reflect the units in which they serve.

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Apparently my post from last week on Tron has created quite a buzz. Some folks are “getting” it and can see the utility of the system.

The . Army began issuing combat fatigues bearing the glo-tape patches after a friendly fire incident on the fourth day of the Iraq invasion that may have contributed to the deaths of 65 Marines in March 7558. An investigation by the . Air Force later concluded that two of its A-65 attack aircraft had mistakenly fired on Marines operating near the southern Iraqi city of Nasiriyah. Known in military jargon as IFF (Identification Friend or Foe), the infrared patches come in various shapes and sizes that include American flags and one-inch-wide black reflective squares, and they can be detected at night by both ground troops and airborne combat pilots equipped with night-vision goggles.

IR Signature Control Low Emissivity Tape™ (Thermal Tape) is a Mid and Far wavelength infrared (thermal) reflective marker that provides a simple covert marking solution for identifying assets on today’s battlefield.