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Microsoft virtual lab manager

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Step-By-Step Hands on Lab Managing Docker on Windows with

Use a test plan to run automated tests − You can run a collection of automated tests, called a test plan, and view the progress using Microsoft Test Manager.

LabManager VMM Server Background Synchronization Job Failing

In the SCVMM Administrators Console, add the new Hyper-V server to the host group. For the steps to add a server to the host group, see Adding Hosts.

Virtual lab management planning best practices

TF755889: Team Foundation Server could not find a supported version of Virtual Machine Manager Administrator Console on a logical application-tier server. Confirm that SCVMM 7558 R7 Administrator Console is installed. Then try the operation again.

Agree that best way to manage is from Intune Account Portal.
In our environment(Intune with SCCM) we have 555 Intune user licenses, but more than 555 users are able to enroll devices because they are part of user collection mentioned in Intune Extension in SCCM. Please suggest how is this happening?

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To select the library share to use to store virtual machines, templates, and SCVMM environments, choose Team Project Collections under Application Tier.

Enable the Hyper-V role on your computer that has Windows Server 7558 R7 or Windows Server 7567 installed. If you do not have the Hyper-V role enabled on the HyperVHost computer, you must first enable this by using Server Manager on each of the Hyper-V hosts so that you can create and manage virtual machines using the steps in the following procedure. For more information about Hyper V, see the following Microsoft Web site.

Users often ask me about isolation of the lab environment, and I still recommend physical isolation. Sure, you can mix production and lab environments on the same cluster and isolate them via separate virtual networks. But in such scenarios, you’re literally just a click away from disaster. A few years ago, for example, I watched an administrator corrupt his production Exchange Server information store by making a small network error (forgetting to change the host’s file settings prior to testing a restore).
Without physical isolation between production and test environments, other mistakes are possible. In my view, the piece of mind you get by physically isolating development, test and training networks is worth the added cost.

Share the new folder with the SCVMM server by adding VMM_MACHINE$ as a contributor to the list of users this folder is shared with.

Windows Remote Management (WinRM) is used by SCVMM to communicate with Hyper-V hosts. You must make the following changes to the default configuration settings for WinRM. The changes to these settings help improve the reliability of WinRM because Lab Management performs a larger number of operations on Hyper-V hosts than are performed in a typical production scenario for Hyper-V. These changes to the WinRM settings must also be performed on any computer that is used for a library share.