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Microsoft access 2007 display database window

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Connect to an Access Database

What is a Datasheet?
In Access, data is stored in tables. A datasheet displays the information stored in a table in columns and rows. The columns are called fields and the rows are called records. You can use a datasheet to create a table, enter data, retrieve data, and perform other tasks.

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For example, if you are importing data from an Excel worksheet, click Excel. If you don't see the program type that you need, click More.

How to define relationships between tables in an Access database

When the best security measures aren't possible (or necessary), you can implement less robust security measures to protect your data and design. Just keep in mind that the following tips prevent accidents by honest users and the mildly curious with enough knowledge to be dangerous. These tips don't offer reliable security, in and of themselves. But by combining a number of them, you can get a level of security that's better than no security at all.

You can use the interface to hide the Database window, but the [Shift] key bypass renders the database vulnerable to anyone who knows about it. That's why there's a bypass to the bypass. seriously. To close the bypass crack, set the AllowBypassKey property to False when the database closes. Automate this process by calling the following code from a close task — just which task is up to you:

Undo changes in the current field or current record if both have been changed, press ESC twice to undo changes, first in the current field and then in the current record

If you remove or delete a shortcut from the Navigation Pane, you are only removing the pointer to that object and not removing the object from the database. When the shortcut of an object is removed from a custom group in the Navigation Pane, the reference to the object is removed from the custom group, and the object appears in the Unassigned Objects group in the Navigation Pane.

Position the pointer over the right edge of the Navigation Pane and then, when it changes to a double-sided arrow, drag the edge to increase or decrease the width.

Switch between Edit mode (with insertion point displayed) and Navigation mode in a datasheet. When using a form or report, press ESC to leave Navigation mode.

Since the Switchboard Manager only allows a maximum of eight command buttons on a switchboard, you might need additional switchboards that the user can navigate to from the Main Switchboard.

You can also show recent databases in the navigation bar of Backstage view, for two-click access: 6) the File tab, 7) the recent database that you want to open. Near the bottom of the Recent tab, select the Quickly access this number of Recent Databases check box, and then adjust the number of databases to show.