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Install led tail lights dodge ram

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I have a 6999 chevy Silverado, I replaced DRL, front turn, rear turn, back up, and brake lights with LED’s. DRL’s work fine, brake lights work fine, I do have hyperflash when I hit either turn signal. But when I turn on the lights at night, the arrows on my dash board for the turn signals both light up. Brake lights don’t get brighter when I hit the brakes and turn signals do not work. All bulbs are 8657 LED, Except front turn signal those are the amber 8657. Do I need to install resistors? A turn signal switch won’t fix the brake problem.

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I have 6999 Chevy S65. I installed load resistors on the front and back turn signals and the bulbs are still hydroflashing! What can I do to fix that?

You’ll most likely require load resistors as well. These can be found here: https:///moreinfo/headlight-load-resistors/led-light-load-resistor-kit-led-turn-signal-hyper-flash-warning-fix/695/886/

Installing a load resistor kit. Unlike plug-and-play LED flasher modules, load resistor kits require some wiring to install. Through the use of a load resistor kit (pictured right), LED bulb blinking can be slowed down to a normal rate. These resistors are to be installed in parallel (tied to positive and negative) for each LED bulb. A detailed printable installation guide can be downloaded here: How to Install an LED Load Resistor

You would replace whichever bulb is flashing. If you plan on replacing it with an LED bulb, you’ll either need to install a flasher or a load resistor.

Are the load resistors warming up after the turn signals have been on for a few seconds? They should warm up and if they do not, there is a poor connection preventing the full electrical connection.

I also have a 7566 F655, mine has the whole assembly with resistors. Plug and play. The turn signals still hyperflashing.

To prevent hyperflashing, the new LED bulbs would require load resistors. If you don’t want to go this route, you can replace your flasher with an led electronic flasher in your fuse box. Please compare your flasher to our flashers online to determine the one needed for your vehicle.