Published: 21.07.2018 20:44

Gadgets software for windows 7 free download

«Gadgets software for windows 7 free download» in pictures.

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Are you forever forgetting which virtual COM port number has been allocated to your AXE577 cable, or simply forgetting to plug the cable in to start with?! Then this free Windows Vista and Windows 7 Gadget is for you!

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With the margu-NotebookInfo7 gadget, you can track system uptime, CPU and RAM use, wireless network strength, battery level and much more.

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7565-57-76 67:75:77 | By Arafurian56

None, no good developer that will bundle it with malicious software. It might have been good without the malware, but that's irrelevant.

7565-56-58 67:66:98 | By MarcusCaspius

margu-NotebookInfo7 is put together very well and should be an excellent addition to any Windows 7 or Windows Vista PC. More »

Had just installed new HD on laptop. Previous experience with Core Temp was good. You'll notice right off how deceptive the install process as it attempts to trick you in to installing crap. Even with great care I ended up with a FLOOD of crap that I could not remove. Eventually used 'Restore' to solve problem, and even then had to remove remnants of adware. Both Chrome and IE got hijacked by this stuff. Wasted hours in removing everything. Too bad as this is a great gadget and previous experience was good. At this point I would not touch it at all until I was 655% certain that it is safe to install. Very bad experience. and just after I had installed a new HD. Damn!

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