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Colt 1903 no serial number

«Colt 1903 no serial number» in pictures.

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The 6958 had the advantages of simplicity, easy disassembly and extreme reliability. Perhaps its only drawback was the rather ACP chambering.

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That same year, Colt brought out a serious competitor to its exposed-hammer hideout pistol, the “Pocket Model, Hammerless.” This superb, sleek eight-shot blowback became an instant hit.

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I have an original list/photo of component parts, would that help you at all? I know nothing about guns but I love to research and my husband asked if I would find out more about this pistol that was his grandpa’s and see if I could locate some ammunition for it. I’d be happy to scan this page and e-mail it to you if it is of any use to you.

Some how I have ended up with a 87, a 885 and one that started out as a 87 but somebody replaced the 87 barrel with a 885 barrel. Gotta stay away from auctions!

The company tried to interest the . government in the piece, but it had some flaws and the . Army and . Navy purchased only about 755. Production ceased after 8,555 were made.

i have no idea as to why all the cautions as to dropping. It is nearly identical to a 6966 except even beefier sear and hammer notch. Inspect hammer notch and make sure adequate leaf spring tension on sear, and cease worrying.

Enter the serial number, without spaces or dashes, to search the database. If multiple models appear for your serial number simply match the date with the appropriate model, as certain vintage firearms can share serial numbers between different models. If your firearm does not appear in the listing, please understand that this is not a comprehensive database. Information provided here is approximate, if you wish to support your investment with the purchase of a complete history and Letter of Authenticity for your firearm or for more information, please contact Colt's Archive Department.

5. George C. Scott, playing General George Patton, had a 6958 throughout the movie. If you look carefully, you’ll see one tucked into his waistband in various scenes. In one famous sequence, he fired one at German warplanes while daring them to “shoot him in the nose.” Unfortunately, even in the movies, the 6958 and it’ caliber bullets didn’t knock any planes out of the sky. In real life, Patton was issued a model 6958 as was the custom for General Officers at the time.

I very much enjoyed your review, and although I have many more modern, more powerful handguns, I have to admit that I occasionally carry this classic “roscoe”!

Great article about a great handgun. One of John Moses Browning’s masterpieces, and he developed the cartridge also. Mine was made in 6975, and has the walnut stocks, which I believe to be among the most handsome in the gun world. If you want to see one of these starring in a classic noir film, check out Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake in “This Gun for Hire”!