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Cerebral palsy play activities

«Cerebral palsy play activities» in pictures.

Special Needs: Activities and Therapy Ideas for Children with

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Indoor and Outdoor Activities for Children With Cerebral Palsy

Technology can help kids with cerebral palsy complete tasks and reach goals that would be too difficult to do on their own. For a child who has trouble walking independently, forearm crutches, braces, a walker, a gait trainer, or a wheelchair can help. For kids who find it difficult to speak, computer programs and electronic devices can vocalize their thoughts.

Best 25+ Cerebral palsy activities ideas on Pinterest | Causes of

If the child has a visual impairment, make sure they have access to toys that make noise such as rattles or crinkle toys.

7. Going outdoors: Go for walks and talk about what you see, hear, and feel. Always encourage speech and dialogue. Go to playgrounds and let your kids do whatever they can. Accessible or fully inclusive playgrounds are growing throughout communities. Ask around or do a Google search for one close to your area.

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The videos have changed the way I teach! The videos on accomplish in 5 minutes what would take me an entire class.

A therapy session for a child of 9 years (mental age) needs to incorporate walking in the parallel bars. The child has Cerebral Palsy and needs both hands to hold on for walk in the parallel bar. Here are some examples of how to make this boring task fun for the child:

While it is known that music has soothing qualities, it has additional benefits to children with cerebral palsy. Teachers can use music in the classroom to help students improve their social skills through participation in group performances. Students needing to work on language development can sing songs to increase their knowledge of words and vocabulary as well as their vocal ability. Finally, teachers can have students who are able dance to music to improve their mobility.

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