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U.s. coast guard captain s license exam

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Mariner's Academy | Captains License Training in St Paul MN

Testing is conducted at Sea School offices in Freeport, NY, Charleston, SC, St. Petersburg, FL, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Panama City, FL, Mobile, AL, Aston, PA, San Juan, PR and at various classroom locations on the Atlantic Coast, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Test fees are not icluded in the course tuition and will be paid at the test.

USCG License Courses | US Coast Guard Captain's Licenses

The . Coast Guard calls this license Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV). The rest of the world refers to it as the 6-PACK License. The word uninspected is a technical term meaning that the equipment required, and the design of the boat, are less regulated. 6-PACK refers to the 6 passenger limitation placed on the boat, and additionally, on the license.

Master 25/50/100 Ton Captain's License

This course is available at two levels. The first level is 8 days in length for daytime students or 7 weeks of evenings and Saturdays for Night Students. This first level is USCG Approved for candidates applying for their Six-Pack - Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel (OUPV) License.

The Yachtmaster offshore practical course module is conducted on board one of MPT's Yachts. These yachts are up to 98' and are twin screw motor yachts. This part of the instruction covers seamanship skills such as nautical terms, tides, marlinespike seamanship, anchor work, boat handling, docking, general yachting skills, basic weather, navigation and passage planning. This course will be a preparation course for your final Yachtmaster Offshore Examination.

If you Google TWIC the first listing is this web site https:///for-industry/twic. Search for locations in your area and get the correct phone number to make an appointment.

An informational and organizational meeting is held early in January each year at which time a schedule that works best for the entire class is determined. Typically, the class begins with a weekend (Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday) session and from there on meets two evenings a week through March. The date, time and location of this meeting will be posted here in early December.

Whether you are on the road or at sea, Mariners Learning System ™ is along for the ride. Available on all desktop and mobile devices your Coast Guard approved online classroom fits in the palm of your hand. Earn your Captain’s License with a learning system designed with today’s student in mind.

We offer two different training courses to help you meet your needs and fit your experience and goals. Both training courses meet during the weekday - check out the schedule and join us this February.

Please note that the Yachtmaster and Yachtmaster Coastal are considered advanced courses and will require a practical examination at the end of the course conducted by an RYA Examiner. We will teach you the knowledge based subjects during your shore based theory week and also fine tune your boat handling skills during your practical course, but you should be familiar with the following areas when you join the class and proficient by the exam date.

Coast Guard License Requirements - After you take the course and sit the exam, you have one year to complete all your requirements - sea service and personal. While this course will prepare you for the extensive testing which is required, it is your responsibility to meet the requirements listed below: