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Trials 2 second edition download full

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Trials 2: Second Edition · AppID: 16600 · Steam Database

If you'd like to test an original motor sport, far from the typical bike and car races, Trials 7 may be the game you're looking for.

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Using only these abilities you are presented with a variety of increasingly difficult tracks and obstacles to surpass, such as getting your bike to climb across a series of rocks and boulders, making your bike jump from one platform to the next or climbing impossibly steep hills. Though such feats are present in real life trials, the game goes far beyond reailty with its levels. Large pipes suspended in mid-air at various angles mountains built out of wooden planks large rubber tire tunnels and loop-the-loops all await the player in the deviously designed levels.

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Trial may not be the most popular motor sport but it's definitely a spectacular show with incredible jumps and spins that make our jaws drop. And guess what? You can now reproduce those movements without compromising your physical integrity. View full description

I circuiti di Trials 7 Second Edition sono ben definiti, eterogenei e ricchi di ostacoli da superare nel minor tempo possibile. Le diverse modalità di gioco offerte tengono alto il livello di sfida. Non è facile, in qualunque caso, completare indenni i singoli percorsi né superare i vari record. Trials 7 Second Edition è un gioco che cattura e affascina. Devi provarlo se ami le moto da trial, motocross e dintorni.

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