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Protein activity test

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The expression of MATP protein in primary melanocytes and in various melanoma cell lines was analyzed by western blotting using two anti-MATP antibodies, F-9 (upper panel) and H-685 (lower panel).

Membrane-Associated Transporter Protein (MATP) Regulates

Even though amyloid plaques in the brain are a characteristic feature of Alzheimer's disease, their presence cannot be used to diagnose the disease. Many people have amyloid plaques in the brain but have no symptoms of cognitive decline or Alzheimer's disease. Because amyloid plaques cannot be used to diagnose Alzheimer's disease, amyloid imaging is not recommended for routine use in patients suspected of having Alzheimer's disease.

Protein C and Protein S: The Test

Researchers are also investigating whether presymptomatic Alzheimer's disease causes consistent, measurable changes in urine or blood levels of tau, beta-amyloid or other biomarkers. In addition, scientists are exploring whether early Alzheimer's leads to detectable changes elsewhere in the body. For example, Lee Goldstein, MD, PhD, has been funded by the Alzheimer's Association to investigate whether beta-amyloid forms characteristic deposits in the lens of the eye.

One challenge researchers face is that analysis of protein levels in the same sample often varies significantly from institution to institution. Achieving consistent measurement is a barrier that has been overcome in other medical conditions by using a standard procedure protocol and comparing results from the same sample at multiple sites designated as reference laboratories. To facilitate consistency in analyzing Alzheimer-related CSF proteins, the Alzheimer's Association has funded the Alzheimer's Association QC Program for CSF Biomarkers. Organizations can compare their sample analysis outcomes to results at reference laboratories in the United States and Europe.

Protein C and S tests may be ordered when a newborn has a severe clotting disorder, such as disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) or purpura fulminans.

What if we could diagnose Alzheimer's before symptoms started? The hope is, future treatments could then target the disease in its earliest stages, before irreversible brain damage or mental decline has occurred. Research on new strategies for earlier diagnosis is among the most active areas in Alzheimer's science, and funding from the Alzheimer's Association has spurred significant advances and steady progress.

Besides multiple types of glycosylation occurring on the same protein, glycans can be further modified to increase the diversity of glycoproteins in a given proteome. These modifications include:

When you eat foods containing carbohydrates, your digestive system breaks down the sugars and starches into glucose. Glucose is one of the simplest forms of sugar. Glucose then enters your bloodstream from your digestive tract and raises your blood glucose levels. The hormone insulin, which comes from the pancreas or from insulin shots, helps cells throughout your body absorb glucose and use it for energy. Once glucose moves out of the blood into cells, your blood glucose levels go back down.

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In conclusion, we showed that MATP is highly expressed in melanocytic lineages, is located in the melanosome, and is involved in maintaining the proper melanosomal pH to allow the correct incorporation of copper ions into the tyrosinase active site. These findings reveal a mechanism explaining how the MATP protein plays a role in melanin production and, by extension, how its mutation is associated with OCA9, providing new insights for approaches to OCA9.