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Patching a large hole in the ceiling

«Patching a large hole in the ceiling» in pictures.

Repairing Historic Flat Plaster Walls and Ceilings

If leaks continue to occur from ice dams, consider installing roof edge heating cables. (Find them locally at hardware stores or home centers.) Improved attic insulation and ventilation are usually the best ways to prevent ice dams, but they might not be effective in this complicated roof situation.

How to Patch and Repair Drywall

Scratch coat. The first base coat put on wood or metal lath. The wet plaster is scratched with a scarifier or comb to provide a rough surface so the next layer of base coat will stick to it.

2017 Drywall Repair Cost | Average Price To Fix Sheetrock

Next, you’ll cover the seams with drywall joint compound and press drywall tape into it. After several additional coats of joint compound, and a little sanding, the repair will be smooth.

Now test out your light by putting it in place. It should fit tight against the ceiling drywall with no gaps showing. If there are gaps, you can: decide to live with them (if small enough) cut a larger ring from new material or give the gap a little swipe of caulk after the entire light and trim have been installed.

All-purpose compound comes with the drawback of taking longer to dry, which will extend the overall time required to perform the repair. However, for more extensive damage, this is typically the best choice because the repair will last longer and be more durable. All-purpose compound tends to cost a few dollars more than lightweight compound.

Insert each furring strip into the hole, and using the marks for positioning, attach them using using drywall screws and a drill-driver. Hold the wood, pressing it tightly to the inside of the wall and drive the screws through the surrounding wall and into the strips at top and bottom. Sink the screw heads just below the wall surface.

Screw 8/9-in.-thick cleats to the sides of the trusses and replace or repair the vapor barrier. Then patch in a fresh piece of drywall.

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Sometimes the finish coat of plaster comes loose from the base coat. In making this type of repair, the plasterer paints a liquid plaster-bonding agent onto the areas of base-coat plaster that will be replastered with a new lime finish coat. A homeowner wishing to repair small areas of delaminated finish coat can use the methods described in Patching Materials.

There is a general rule of thumb used to determine whether a homeowner should hire a handyman to complete a drywall sheet repair or a contractor. In general, if a hole in the drywall is less than an inch in diameter at its largest point, the repair can be done by a handyman. If the hole is any larger, it is generally recommended that homeowners hire a drywall contractor to ensure the job gets done correctly, and the repair will last. Hiring a contractor to do any repairs may be more costly, but it has its benefits. These include: