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Oracle ap trial balance report

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Oracle Applications: AP Trial balance not matching with Invoice

In release 67: 66i Trial Balance is known as the Accounts Payable Trial Balance Report report in R67. It runs based on the Open Account Balances Listing Definition that you define. You can define the Listing Definition at a Ledger or Ledger Set level

Oracle Financials: Accounts Payable Trial Balance Report

The original/upgraded report definition can also be rebuilt. However, for the purposes of testing and comparison, this note rebuilds a new/copied definition. If the rebuild of the new/copied report definition worked, the rebuild of the original/upgraded report definition should work also. Make sure whatever option is selected to be used for PROD, that option is tested first!

Not getting any Definition set while running AP trial balance report

Define the report definitions either by Accounting Flexfield or by Accounting Flexfield segments. Associate each definition with a single ledger, which indicates the chart of accounts. The chart of accounts sets the context for the following information in the definition details region:

The AP_TRIAL_BAL_LOG table is used to track the maintenance program activity and used for recoverability in case of failure.

SELECT _NAME, _name, _group_name, _unit_type, DECODE (_unit_type, .

I almost got it.. but struck somewhere for solving my current problem. Im running AP TB for 86Dec67 and there are few suppliers missing in Ageing report.
With ur trobuleshooting steps 6. Yes i got the supplier which has an problem
7. Payment date are already present with no problem in it..
8. It may also happen that users.. I dint understand
9. No values for the supplier in question.

Could you clarify ?

When the Create Accounting and Post Journal Entries to General Ledger programs are run, the Payables Trial Balance Maintenance Program is launched and updates the AP_TRIAL_BALANCES table. This is a permanent table that keeps all history. It is from this table that the balances are retrieved when the Payables to General Ledger Reconciliation report is run.

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Navigate : Subledger Accounting Setup Open Account Balances Listing Definitions Process Options button and for the ledger update the number of processors to 66,87 or 69.

Open Account Balances Data Manager :- This program processes subledger journal entries that are transferred to General Ledger and also final accounted journal entries that are flagged as No Transfer because these entries are already represented in General Ledger.