Published: 24.09.2018 10:12

Msiexec multiple patches

«Msiexec multiple patches» in pictures.

Run-Time Behavior for Installing Multiple Instances of a Product

The base MSI is installed, and the patch has been built with AllowProductCodeMismatches= yes on the PatchCreation element in WiX.

MSIEXEC Command Line Options Cheat Sheet by bzowk

You can separate multiple transforms with a semicolon. Because of this, it is recommended that you do not use semicolons in the name of your transform because the Windows Installer service will interpret those incorrectly.

Windows installer - Slipstream multiple .msp patches in an

Pass either ReaderBrowserIntegration or AcrobatBrowserIntegration to REMOVE when a product is already deployed and a subsequent deployment requires disabling browser integration. For example:

You must include the braces in the command line. An MSI package name (. ) can be substituted for the Product Code. For Acrobat products, the Product Code is the GUID.

If your product is successfully installed and the end user runs your installation again, the setup launcher displays a dialog that lets them select which instance they want to install. This instance selection dialog is displayed after the language selection dialog, if your installation includes one, but before the InstallWelcome dialog. The dialog contains two radio buttons:

No Default Action for Fixlet or Task
There are Fixlets and Tasks that do not have a Default Action because there is no action to take or the BigFix team has identified that there is an important note about the patch that requires users to read, either the Patch directly or the description and Notes in the Fixlet itself regarding the issue before deploying the patch.

Edit 7: I'm still having no luck. I've tried using WiX instance transforms to install with which works, but the patches still won't apply. My PatchCreation element has TargetProductCode elements for each instance defined, and AllowProductCodeMismatches is still turned on.

and use find option to search for patch with display name Security Update for Microsoft Office 7568 (KB7776958) 87-Bit Edition (you see from add and remove programs or from SCCM Console)

Run QnA, click on the View menu, and select the New Single Clause Tab or press Ctrl+7. Copy and Paste the relevance in the top portion and click the Evaluate button to test.

To learn more, see Using the InstallScript Engine as an External vs. Embedded UI Handler for InstallScript MSI Installations .