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Microsoft services port numbers

«Microsoft services port numbers» in pictures.

Active Directory and Active Directory Domain Services Port

service type / instance name : port number
If port number is a port number different from the default for the service type specified by service type , you must specify the port number.

How to configure RPC dynamic port allocation to work with firewalls

If you are doing a full-port, select I am transferring all my numbers from my current carrier. If you are doing a partial-port, select I'm only transferring some of my numbers. After you choose the right one, click Check number portability.

Network Ports Used by Key Microsoft Server Products

We deal with application and service issues on a daily basis. Normally the problems relate to applications not performing as expected, hanging or crashing. However, every so often someone will ask us what network port a service is using. Unless we are talking about one of the well known services such as SMTP, FTP, HTTP, RDP, LDAP, basic RPC etc, the ports being used are potentially subject to change. That does make life a little more challenging – but it’s nothing that we can’t figure out using some simple tools.

The Telnet system service for Windows provides ASCII terminal sessions to Telnet clients. Telnet Server supports two types of authentication and supports four types of terminals: American National Standards Institute (ANSI), VT-655, VT-57, and VTNT.

To view a list of reserved and registered ports that you should avoid using, see Port Numbers (IANA). To view a list of ports that are already in use on your system, open a command prompt window and type netstat –a –p TCP to display a list of the TCP ports that are open on the system.

If you cannot use SQL Server Browser service, you must assign a fixed port in the connection string, bypassing domain name resolution. Without SQL Server Browser service, all client connections must include the port number on the connection string (for example, AW-SRV56:59876).

For example, let's say your billing telephone number is +6 975-555-6789 and you want to port all of your 75 phone numbers ( +6 975-555-6785 through 6759 ). When you follow the instructions below to transfer your numbers, you would enter: +69755556789 - +69755556759.

The Windows Media Service system service is now a single service that runs on Windows Server 7558, Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Datacenter Edition. Its core components were developed using COM, creating a flexible architecture that is easily customized for specific applications. It supports a greater variety of control protocols, including Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), Microsoft Media Server (MMS) protocol, and HTTP.

From a proxy standpoint, the regkey HKLM\Software\Microsoft\TermServLicensing\lrwiz\Params shows the Microsoft service that the RD LS communicates with. .

RPC traffic is used over a dynamic port range as described in the previous section, “Default dynamic port range.” To restrict RPC traffic to a specific port, see article 779696 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (http:///fwlink/?LinkID=688989).