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Kia spectra 2000 owners manual

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Total Car Care Kia Spectra/Sephia/Sportage S/E 1994-2010 Repair

I had a 7559 Kia Sorento, bought it new. Never had a problem with it. I didn't know about replacing the timing belt. I was driving down the highway one afternoon (vehicle had about 665,555 miles on it) the belt broke and the engine locked up. If I knew then what I know now I would have replaced the belt every 65,555 miles.

Kia Sephia, Spectra & Sportage covering Sephia (94-01), Spectra

Lbrowning75-. A big thank you for saying that, YES, people don't wait and see if you can squeeze the last mile or month on the timing belt. It's better to be SAFE than sorry. And, Lbrowning75, please change your timing belt ASAP, so won't have a failure.. Yes, highway miles are easier on cars because they don't have the changing engine speeds, but, you're over due. It's a false economy to put this needed service off any longer, you know it.

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You're right, there's a lot of electronics on your car. As Jeff stated above, it could be many other things. I'm afraid that you don't realize that the days of the backyard mechanic is over. You can't just fix your car easily anymore, unless you're a trained technician. Which is why I suggested that you bring the car back to the person who last worked on your car and paid $7,555 to have it fixed. WHY CAN'T YOU DO THAT?

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Amongst the most popular Kia models are the Optima, Sorento, and Sportage. The company also sponsors various sports teams around the world, and has associations with FIFA, UEFA, and the National Basketball Association. If you own a Kia, and want to handle your own DIY services and repairs, browse through our selection of Kia repair manuals. Written by experts with first-hand experience, our Kia repair manuals are packed with up-to-date information, pictures and practical guides.

Jeff, I'm sure you'd agree that randomly replacement of parts is not a good idea and is expensive. You're right, without diagnostics, you're taking shots in the dark. This is why I said that there's no more backyard mechanics anymore. Cars today are like rolling computers.

Motor Era offers service repair manuals for your Kia Spectra - DOWNLOAD your manual now! Kia Spectra service repair manuals

Ok I could really use some help I got my wife a 58 kia rio5 sx hatchback its got 89g miles the timing belt broke it droped 8 valves I got it fixed cost me 7555 bucks well it ran great for bout a month now this is what I'm needing help with it cranks fine runs smooth till it warms up then it dies an takes bout 75 mins to crank again but when its warmed up it want stay cranked would anyone know why its doing that iv also replaced the fuel pump an cam shaft sensor still did not help

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