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Jvc hd61z786 manual

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Video Input Label This function is used to label video input connections for the onscreen displays. Press the M button To VIDEO INPUT LABEL π † √® To enter To select the desired video input π † √® To select the desired preset input label (see chart below) Press the OK button to save Press the M.

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Quick Setup Connecting to a Camcorder You may connect a camcorder, game console or other equipment to your television by using the side input jacks (Input 9) located on the side of the television. You can also connect these using the television’s rear input jacks, using the same instructions. INPUT INPUT 9 MENU.

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Digital Button Functions Cancel the timer recording When you record a digital program now, you can cancel the recording. Press the T button IMER To select the timer list you want to cancel π † the recording Press the O button The message Do you want to terminate current program ?.

To move rapidly through the channels using JVC’s Hyperscan feature, press and hold CH+ or CH –. The channels will zip by at a rate of five channels per second. The right and left buttons will turn the volume up or down.

Table of Contents Important Safety Precautions. 7 Warnings.. 5 Quick Setup. 65 Unpacking your TV.. 65 TV Models.

Digital Setup Use this function when you are receiving a digital broadcast. Press the M button To DIGITAL SETUP π † √® To enter The onscreen will appear Notes: • Software Update will only appear when the SD Card is inserted. •.

You can now begin watching your television, or you can continue on in this guide for more information on programming your remote control, or using the JVC onscreen menu system to customize your television viewing experience. Notes: •.

The JVC HD 57G787 is a high definition television that uses JVC’s D-ILA technology and has a screen size of 57 inches when measured diagonally. The use of the D-ILA technology helps the set produce bright and sharp images. D-ILA …

Appendix How to Replace the Lamp Please read these instructions fully before attempting to replace the lamp. If you feel unsure about replacing the lamp yourself, call a service technician. Please observe all safety warnings. 6) Turn off the television. Press the POWER button on the remote control or TV front panel.

Set Clock The set clock function is described on page 86 as the interactive plug-in menu. You can choose to set the clock automatically or manually. If you need to set the clock again, follow the steps below. Press the M button To SET CLOCK π.