Published: 23.09.2018 22:47

Java update administrator rights

«Java update administrator rights» in pictures.

Do I need administrative permission to install Java?

Instead, it only brings up a baloon in the notification area A new update is available. (Why does it need UAC for that?!) So I click on the symbol to start the update, which immediately brings up a dialog box saying update has failed without further explanation.

Windows 7 - How do I update Java from a non-admin account

I also tried to disable the icon in the system tray and got the same effect. Changing the size of the Temporary Internet Files cache work however.

Users can't allow Adobe & Java updates, propmts for an admin login

If you go to the Task Scheduler, you can see that there is a new Adobe Flash Player Updater task that is scheduled to run daily. The task runs with System privileges. That means that even users without Administrator rights can have Flash updates installed silently without receiving prompts or requiring IT assistance.

Note: Keep in mind that installing Java on your Windows computer requires administrator access. Once the Java installation is successful, restart your web browser. Restart your web browser by closing ALL open browser tabs and windows, then re-launch your web browser. Run this test applet to test the success of your Java installation.

Note: If you choose to install this bundle into a system-wide location such as /usr/local, you must first login as root to gain the necessary permissions.

To do this, follow the path in your Windows Explorer browser and Right Click , then select Run as Administrator

The whole game repeats from scratch every time I restart the computer. At some point, I give in, log in as administrator, and update from there. But I find the farce unnecessary and nerve-wracking. Is there a way to make the update process easy(ish)? If not Firefox-like easy, then at least Adobe Reader-like easy?

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Several web-based Administrative Systems at UCL require the use of an additional Java plug-in component to the browser in order to run.

But I don't know if it performs autoupdate. Also you have to install it in a computer where you have admin privileges to then use in the desired computer.