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Installation of a toto toilet

«Installation of a toto toilet» in pictures.

Toto Washlet S350e: The incredible Japanese wonder toilet that will

This TOTO Drake II CST959CEFG Toilet is one of the best selling toilet model that you can easily find in hardware or DIY stores, local plumbers and online megastores like Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot and Amazon.

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A: A skirted toilet hides the trap of the toilet with a smooth piece of porcelain. Many skirted toilets also hide the bolts of the toilet, which are accessed by panels built into the skirt. Skirted toilets are slightly easier to clean, as they do not have the nooks and crannies of non-skirted toilets.

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Sometimes, pros will charge extra for hauling a heavy toilet upstairs or away for disposal. Keep this in mind if you live in a home with a second-story bathroom it will factor into the cost of toilet installation or replacement.

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Prim readers can avert their eyes here: We now must describe the Washlet’s more intimate functions. Capabilities that one may experience only after one has dropped trou.

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For the mounting issue, BidetKing carries top mounting hardware that can be tightened from above as opposed to below the bowl. The black rubber sleeves are inserted into the toilet bowl mounting holes, and the screws are then tightened with a screwdriver from above. These would replace the plastic bolts/nuts that come with most bidet seats.

Dual-Max – the best compromise between saving water and getting the job done is a dual-flush toilet. Dual-Max is TOTO’s dual-flush system. Each toilet has the option of a gallon flush or a gallons flush, letting the homeowner choose what amount is needed at their discretion.

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It is difficult to determine the right seating height just based on your physical height. The better way to figure out the right seating height is by measuring your thigh length and the knee height (See image below). That’s about measuring the proper seating height you would normally go with a chair. But you get the idea which you can adapt for a toilet. This is not rocket science but it’ll help you decide if a comfort height toilet is right for you, and not simply being sold on marketing hype.

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