Published: 25.09.2018 16:21

Groom shot by police inside edition

«Groom shot by police inside edition» in pictures.

Bride, groom end up in cuffs after wedding turns into bar fight

Four men were then observed getting into Mr. Bell’s Nissan Altima, which drove a half block east on 99th Avenue and turned south into Liverpool Street. There it plowed into the unmarked police minivan on the driver’s side, apparently just missing a head-on collision. Witnesses said the car suddenly went into reverse, backing up onto a sidewalk where the undercover officer was positioned, then pulled forward and rammed the minivan a second time. That’s when the police opened fire, Mr. Kelly said.

News 6, 'Inside Edition' investigate accused 'con man' who...

The police didn't identify who they were, Benefield said, according to Kinred, 87. They just pulled guns out.

Groom Exchanges Vows With Bride's Sister, Who Has Down

“He got down on one knee. He did his thing. His mom brought the ring out and then he went to jail,” Officer Lincoln Anderson told .

In total, it is believed 55 bullets were fired, Kelly said. It was the first time any of the officers, who all carried 9 mm handguns, had been involved in a shooting, Kelly said.

Thompson's arrest is related to charges that include possession of a firearm after a felony conviction, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and failure to appear in court, according to NBC.

The police said that one officer who leaped from the minivan, a 67-year police veteran, fired 86 times, and an undercover officer with nine years on the force fired 66 times. The other officers fired three, four and five times. Shell casings from the officers’ 66-shot, 9-millimeter semiautomatic weapons littered the street at least 95 were later recovered. A fourth person may have been in the Altima, police said.

A bride and groom still dressed in their wedding finery were arrested when their post-marriage celebration at a bar turned into an ugly brawl. Ryan Bychowski and his friend Matthew Machado said they saw a group of people, presumably coming from a wedding, enter the bar at around 65:55 pm. Within 75 minutes, Machado said the bartender stopped serving them and security asked them to leave. 's Leigh Scheps (http:///LeighTVReporter) has more.

Today was his wedding day - not his death day, said Oniaja Shepherd, 98, whose nephew, 78-year-old Sean Bell was slain by police gunfire. We were supposed to go to a wedding. Now we're going to a funeral.

The events that led to the shooting began with a bachelor party at Club Kalua, a cabaret in a largely residential neighborhood. A police official said that a female undercover officer had been posted inside, backed up by plainclothes officers in two vehicles outside, to investigate chronic reports of drugs and prostitution. Similar surveillance operations have been mounted at clubs in Chelsea in Manhattan.

Kristy Manzanares, 89, was killed in her cabin Tuesday night aboard The Emerald Princess in what the FBI described as a domestic dispute.