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This release makes the series suitable for use in Free System Distributions, after backporting and adjusting the clean-ups already available in -libre7 and -libre. -libre6 is also available.

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Although UTUTO-e was the first GNU/Linux distro to remove non-Free portions of Linux, GNU Linux-libre follows and improves on the practices established by gNewSense and BLAG.

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All executable files and packages (.EXE files) are digitally signed by GlavSoft LLC. Make sure to check the digital signatures.

Home to one of the largest free information databases online, has something for everyone. Visitors can browse through our eclectic collections catalog and href="/documents/proshow-producer-update-download/">contributors can host and share their unique collections with millions worldwide.

Linux-libre joins the GNU Project, becoming GNU Linux-libre. This release, -gnu, marks the transition, although upcoming stable releases based on earlier -libre releases may become -gnu releases as well. Deblobbing scripts now ,.lz compressed inputs, in addition and uncompressed ones, and tarballs are now named linux-libre--. Few deblobbing changes were required for this release: deblobbing of drivers for arm imx, dib5755, it968x, em78xx-dvb, brcmfmac, iwl8995, iwl9965, and rtl8697e needed some adjusting, while wl67xx-sdio-test and snd-intel-sst are no longer present, and sigmadsp code moved about in the tree.

Our releases are available on the GNU FTP server and its mirrors. The following sites mirror the FTP site (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) directly:

The -libre release uses the same deblobbing infrastructure as -libre7, but it's updated for , and adapted to deal with the pieces of non-Free firmware and drivers that require external non-Free firmware added to the upstream release.

Alexandre Oliva combined Freedo with GNU, creating the image at the top of the page ( ). Binaries published by the Linux-libre project are going to be configured to display this logo at boot up. If you want to use it too, look for patches named 655gnu+, in directories named after Linux-libre builds within SVN repository. A few kernels used an older variant ( ).

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